PS5 Consoles Getting $100 Price Cut in Some Regions

It appears that there may be a substantial price drop for the PS5 in an upcoming sale. As of now, the PS5 has not received a permanent price reduction, and it may not until new hardware, such as the rumored PS5 Pro or the eventual PS6, is released or at least announced. As a result, PlayStation fans currently have two choices when purchasing the PS5: they can either pay $400 for the disc-less version or $500 for the version with a disc drive. However, leaked promotional images circulating online suggest that the disc version might soon receive a discount of 100 euros. While these images seem genuine, it's important to remember that caution is always advised when assessing information found on the Internet.

I came across an advertisement on Reset Era that highlights a discount of 100 euros for the PS5. This ad, spotted in Spain, indicates that the special promotional price will be available from July 1 to July 15, without any mention of it being exclusive to a specific store. The question now arises whether this deal will be limited only to Spain.

While it is possible that this offer might be exclusive to the Spanish market, the official ad suggests that it could be part of a more extensive promotion. Whether this larger promotion will include other European countries or the United States is yet to be determined. Notably, July 1 is set to begin tomorrow, falling on a Saturday. It is unlikely that PlayStation would announce a significant PS5 push with a price reduction on a weekend. In other words, it seems that, at the very least, these specific dates are limited to Spain, but they could potentially signify a broader promotion in the near future.

Regrettably, at the moment, we can only engage in speculation. PlayStation has not provided any comments regarding the advertisement and the resulting speculation it has generated. 

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