Reservation Dogs Season 3 Trailer Released


FX and Hulu have been collaborating on the highly successful series, and they recently made the decision to conclude the show with its upcoming third season. The network has now unveiled the first official trailer for the third and final season of Reservation Dogs, much to the delight of fans. The trailer provides a glimpse into the exciting adventures that lie ahead for our beloved characters. Take a look at the captivating trailer below.

Reservation Dogs Co-Creator on Ending Series

Co-creator Sterling Harjo recently took to his social media to reveal that the beloved series Reservation Dogs will be bidding farewell on FX and Hulu. Harjo shared a heartfelt statement about the conclusion of the show, accompanied by some captivating images from the series.

In an Instagram post, Harjo expressed, "Aho young and old warriors! Here it is: the forthcoming third season of Reservation Dogs will mark the final chapter." He further explained, "That's a difficult line to write and an even more challenging decision to make. However, creatively, it is the right choice for the show." Harjo reflected on always knowing the eventual endpoint of the story but not knowing when it would arrive. As the team continued to craft the stories and scripts for this season, the producers, Taika, and himself concluded that the season three finale would serve as the perfect series conclusion. Harjo added, "When we conceived the idea for Reservation Dogs, I never thought it would actually come to fruition, but thankfully it did."

The primary and fundamental intention for us as Native individuals was to showcase to the world that Native humor and Native people themselves are genuinely funny. Many portrayals of Native people in television and film have been highly inaccurate and laden with untruths. Thus, it has been a true gift for us to present a different perspective on Indigenous people and our culture. Above all, it has been a long-held dream to collaborate on a show that is entirely crafted by, directed by, and stars Native individuals. These stories are ours, and they authentically represent our people. We fully recognize the immense responsibility that comes with this representation, and we approach it with the utmost seriousness.

Witnessing the wholehearted embrace of the show by the audience and TV critics has been an incredible experience. We extend our gratitude to producer Garrett Basch, as well as John Landgraf, Nick Grad, Kate Lambert, and the entire team at FX and Hulu for their unwavering support. Our interactions with them have been truly exceptional, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to develop new shows alongside them when things are back in motion. There are countless individuals to express our thanks to, including our extraordinary writers, directors, and crew members, as well as the people of Okmulgee, Tulsa, and the incredible community of the Muscogee Nation.

What is the Synopsis for Reservation Dogs?

FX describes the series as follows, "From Co-Creators and Executive Producers Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, Reservation Dogs is a half-hour comedy that follows the exploits of "Elora Danan" (Devery Jacobs), "Bear Smallhill" (D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), "Willie Jack" (Paulina Alexis) and "Cheese" (Lane Factor), four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma. After the death of the fifth member of the Reservation Dogs, the crew took to stealing, scheming and saving in order to vicariously fulfill his dream of reaching the exotic, mysterious and faraway land of California. But after a promising start to their criminal endeavors, including the legendary heist of a Flaming Flamers chips truck, swiping some old lady's weed edibles and some low-grade grand theft auto, the plan went bust. The gang disbanded, with everyone trying to forge their own paths."

The eagerly awaited final season of Reservation Dogs is set to premiere on August 2nd, and viewers can catch it exclusively on FX and Hulu!

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