Rocket League Birthday Ball Event Live


Surprisingly, Rocket League's 8th anniversary is just around the corner. To mark this special occasion, Psyonix and Epic Games are hosting the Birthday Ball event, currently live in the game and scheduled to run until July 12th. As part of the celebration, players can enjoy two Limited Time Modes: Super Cube (available until July 5th) and Beach Ball (from July 5th to July 12th). The developers have decided to give the game's birthday a formal twist, with the Rocket League Item Shop featuring a variety of black and white themed options. Here's what players can expect during this exciting event!

• June 28 – July 5: Titanium White Fennec (800 Credits)

• June 28 – July 1: Storm Watch: Noire Decal (2000 Credits)

• July 2 – July 3: Huntress Formal Fennec Decal (300 Credits)

• July 4 – July 5: Startrack: Noire Boost (400 Credits)

• July 6 – July 7: Battle-Cars Anniversary Cake: Noire Topper (200 Credits)

• July 7 – July 8: Cupcake Anniversary: Noire Antenna (300 Credits)

• July 10 – July 11: Party Time: Noire Goal Explosion (2000 Credits)

Moreover, players can anticipate an array of Challenge Rewards to enhance their gaming experience. These rewards consist of an 8th Birthday Crown Player Banner, 8th Birthday Avatar Border, Golden Egg '23, Hemi Birthday Player Anthem, Waned Flame Boost, and Waned Flame Trail. By completing challenges, players can earn up to five Golden Eggs, unlocking items from the Champions Series 1–4.

For those who are unfamiliar with Super Cube, this Limited Time Mode (LTM) transforms the ball into a cube, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game. On the other hand, Beach Ball alters the ball's bouncing behavior, causing it to curve through the air upon impact, as described by Psyonix. Although both LTMs have been featured in the past, this event offers a perfect opportunity for players to revisit these modes, whether they missed out previously or simply enjoyed them and want to experience them again. It's worth noting that these modes will not be available indefinitely, so players are encouraged to make the most of them while they are offered!

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