Rockstar Games May Be Adding Major New Feature to GTA Online Subscription Service


GTA Online's subscription service, GTA+, is rumored to be on the verge of introducing a significant new feature. Rockstar Games, a highly esteemed video game publisher known for its critically acclaimed titles and best-selling games, has experienced a noticeable slowdown in output since 2013, primarily due to the immense success of Grand Theft Auto V and its online counterpart, GTA Online. While the studio has primarily focused on supporting and expanding GTA Online, occasionally releasing remasters, it has only developed one entirely new game since GTA V.

To further enhance the GTA Online experience and cater to dedicated fans, Rockstar introduced the GTA+ subscription service. GTA+ provides exclusive access to select features, free bonuses, and other enticing perks. While the service is optional and not essential for gameplay, it holds value for hardcore fans who may find it a worthwhile investment. However, recent developments suggest that Rockstar is gearing up to deliver a major addition to GTA+ that could captivate the entire Rockstar fanbase.

Fans recently discovered that the old mobile ports of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas received an unexpected update. Upon closer inspection, they uncovered unfinished user interface (UI) assets related to GTA+. Additional files referenced iconic Rockstar titles such as Max Payne, Bully, and various other PS2-era Grand Theft Auto games. This finding has sparked speculation among fans that Rockstar may be revisiting an old concept previously surveyed among its fanbase.

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games conducted a survey, gauging players' interest in the possibility of GTA+ offering access to classic Rockstar games, reminiscent of the popular Xbox Game Pass service that provides access to a library of games. While the specific details are yet to be revealed, it remains unclear if this feature will be limited to mobile games or if Rockstar intends to bring some of these beloved older titles to consoles, expanding their accessibility to a wider audience.

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