Samuel L. Jackson Dishes on Nick Fury's Unexpected Secret Invasion Marriage

Samuel L. Jackson has recently discussed Nick Fury's surprising marital revelation in Secret Invasion.

In an interview, Jackson was asked about the show's portrayal of a more vulnerable side of Nick Fury. He responded, "Being a husband might prove to be more challenging than his other life. Apparently, living with him is no walk in the park." The second episode of Secret Invasion features a brief flashback scene introducing a Skrull named Varra. In the latest episode, it is revealed that Varra, who takes on the human form of Priscilla, is actually married to Fury. Their relationship spans several decades, with Varra being a crucial part of Fury's vast network of connections.

While Secret Invasion has already showcased Fury's numerous on-screen connections, his bond with Varra gains added significance due to Jackson's personal friendship with Charlayne Woodard, the actress who portrays Priscilla. Jackson and Woodard have been friends for many years, having met during their time in the New York theater scene. "Charlayne and I go way back to our New York theater days when she was an incredible hoofer, dancer, singer, and all-around talent," Jackson shared. "We've been friends for a long time. It's fantastic to see her as part of the cast, especially considering she is good friends with my wife. That way, we don't have to worry about any on-set romances," he jokingly added.

Secret Invasion's Nick Fury 'Skrullmance'

Jackson is thrilled that Secret Invasion will finally showcase a romantic storyline involving his character, laying bare his emotions for audiences to witness. "It's important for the audience to know that Fury has someone by his side, that he isn't alone in his fight or in the world. And what's even more intriguing is that this someone happens to be a Skrull," Jackson expressed. In the latest episode, viewers discover that the marriage between Fury and Varra, much like his relationship with the Skrulls in general, is strained due to perceived abandonment. Following the blip and his subsequent return, Fury embarks on a journey to the S.A.B.E.R station, creating a void that fuels the Skrulls' bitterness.

Jackson firmly asserts that, despite the mutual distrust between them, Fury still harbors deep affection for Varra. "Everyone loves something or someone, or at least hopes to be loved by someone, as it allows them to let down their defenses and experience both the pain of loss and the joy of belonging. Varra is that person for Fury, even though their romance is marked by torment," he elaborated. "Nick Fury loves someone, and in her absence, he grapples with a profound sense of loneliness," he concluded.

Secret Invasion is currently available for streaming on Disney+.

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