Sandman Season 2 Set Photos Promise Dream's Confrontation With Orpheus

The Sandman lead actor Tom Sturridge has been spotted filming scenes for the upcoming second season of the Netflix show, where he appears to be confronting a mysterious character believed to be Orpheus, the son of Dream.

Newly surfaced photos from the set of The Sandman Season 2 depict Tom Sturridge, who has been portraying the protagonist, in costume. The images, first published by the Daily Mail, showcase Sturridge donning a black robe as he stands on the shore near Dorset, England, by the iconic Durdle Door landmark. Alongside him is another actor, clad in a white version of the same attire, complete with a flowing, mesh cape. The crew can be seen encircling Sturridge and his counterpart, capturing their interaction on film. In one particular snapshot, the white-garbed actor is seen walking away with a lyre in hand, leading fans to speculate that he might be portraying Orpheus, a significant character from Greek mythology and Dream's son within The Sandman universe.

The Sandman's Long Road to a Screen Adaptation

The Sandman is a dark fantasy comic created by Neil Gaiman, which has been adapted into a television series. Previous attempts were made to bring Gaiman's comics to the big screen, including a 2013 endeavor with Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached to a Sandman movie. However, due to various circumstances, the project was put on hold. In 2019, Netflix secured the rights and entered into an agreement to produce the show. Filming for Season 1 concluded in the middle of 2021.

The series follows the journey of Lord Morpheus, also known as Dream or the Sandman, after he is ensnared in an occult ritual in 1916 and imprisoned for 106 years until his eventual escape. Upon his release, Dream realizes that he must embark on a quest to restore his domain, the Dreaming, and confront rogue nightmares that have been unleashed upon the mortal realm during his captivity. The first season of the show draws inspiration from the initial two volumes of The Sandman comics: Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll's House.

Following the first season, Netflix released a bonus episode that introduces Calliope, Dream's former lover, and teases the appearance of their son, Orpheus. Showrunner Allan Heinberg has revealed that the focus of the second season will revolve primarily around the character of Orpheus, a significant figure in the comics whose origins are deeply rooted in Greek mythology. While Heinberg and Gaiman have previously mentioned having a particular actor in mind, it remains unknown if the actor depicted in the recently surfaced set photos is the one they had in mind.

Fans can anticipate the release of the second season of The Sandman in 2024. In the meantime, the first season is available for streaming on Netflix.

Via Daily Mail

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