Secret Invasion Director Praises 'Stunning' Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle Scene


In a recent interview with TVLine, director Ali Selim expressed that the back-and-forth exchange between Nick Fury and James Rhodes in episode 2 of Secret Invasion stands out as a pinnacle moment in his career. Selim likened the scene to "a captivating play performed by the two of them," a sentiment that resonates strongly with viewers. Indeed, the conversation between the seasoned Avengers, portrayed by the remarkable Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle, has garnered immense praise on social media and is widely regarded as one of the standout moments in the series thus far. The verbal sparring match between these two brilliant actors is a sheer delight to witness, as it delves into themes rarely explored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This unique depth of the scene could be a key factor in its profound connection with the audience. Take a look at what the director shared about this remarkable sequence below!

"I can't say much, because it's two of our greatest living actors — who have wanted to work together for decades, if i understand correctly, and have never had the opportunity," Selim recalled. "And they were handed a brilliant piece of text that went on for eight pages. It was like a play for the two of them."

Samuel L. Jackson Says That Marvel Wasn't Afraid to Tackle Racism In Secret Invasion

Efforts to tackle issues of racism in Phase 4 and beyond have not gone unnoticed. Among the memorable moments for MCU fans is the impactful sequence featuring Sam Wilson and the banker, along with the unsettling encounter with the police. However, in a recent conversation with Variety, Samuel L. Jackson revealed that Marvel Studios did not shy away from addressing such themes in Secret Invasion. The series skillfully intertwines the complex world of Skrull espionage with an exploration of real-life issues, as exemplified by the profound exchange between Rhodey and Fury.

Reflecting on the significance of Fury's experiences as a Black man, Jackson explained to Variety, "It delves into what it means for Fury to wield such immense power, and the constant awareness that this power can be diminished in an instant by someone uttering a specific phrase or altering the trajectory of one's career path due to racial bias." He continued, highlighting the characters of Rhodey and Fury, who have ascended to positions of influence but still find themselves constrained by societal expectations. "Despite being more capable than those in power, we are still compelled to suppress aspects of ourselves in certain ways," Jackson remarked. He also praised Marvel for fearlessly embracing the opportunity to explore these complex dynamics.

Secret Invasion Pulls From Jackson's Backstory to Develop Nick Fury

Another standout moment in Secret Invasion that garnered significant acclaim was the conversation between Fury and Talos on the train car. What fans may not be aware of is that Samuel L. Jackson infused a touch of his own life experiences into that powerful exchange. As someone who lived through a time of segregation in America, the former director of SHIELD, Nick Fury, would have undoubtedly faced similar challenges. Furthermore, this moment grants Fury the opportunity to uncover hidden details that Talos has been concealing.

Sharing a personal connection, Jackson disclosed, "During my summers, I used to take the train from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Washington, D.C. Due to segregation, I wasn't allowed in the dining car. Instead, they would provide me with a shoebox containing food, which I would eat during the journey." By incorporating elements from his own life, Jackson and the creative team ensured that Nick Fury's history is rooted in authenticity, enriching the narrative with a genuine perspective on how he perceives America and the world.

These real-life experiences, intertwined with the character's backstory, contribute to the story's authenticity and provide a deeper understanding of Fury's journey. By drawing upon his own history, Jackson adds a layer of realism that resonates with audiences, allowing Nick Fury's perspective to be informed by genuine emotions and experiences.

What Else Will Happen During Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's eminent superspy, makes his highly anticipated return in Secret Invasion, the captivating limited series that debuted on Disney+ on June 21st. Once again portrayed by the iconic Samuel L. Jackson, Fury takes center stage as he delves into the depths of a Skrull invasion that permeates the highest echelons of power within numerous governments and organizations worldwide. Joining forces with Fury are trusted allies Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), while James Rhodes, known as War Machine, appears in a mysterious role that adds intrigue to the narrative. Adding to the excitement, a fresh wave of talent joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

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