Secret Invasion Episode 3 Seemingly Kills [SPOILER]


The tension escalates in Secret Invasion as Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik claims the life of another prominent cast member in the third episode of the MCU series. Emilia Clarke's G'iah suffers a gunshot wound and is left for dead in "Betrayed," the latest installment of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion on Disney+.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Secret Invasion Episode 3, "Betrayed," now streaming on Disney+.

Following the shocking death of Maria Hill in the series premiere, Secret Invasion once again leaves the fate of a character uncertain. In "Betrayed," the rebel Skrull leader, Gravik, sets a trap to expose the Skrull collaborating with humans. Despite G'iah's attempt to flee, Gravik confronts her, revealing his knowledge of her true identity as the spy. In a shocking twist, Gravik shoots G'iah directly in the chest, leaving her bleeding and her survival in question. Fans are left to wonder if G'iah will survive the gunshot wound or meet a fate similar to Maria Hill's.

Although G'iah has been a part of the MCU since her introduction in 2019's Captain Marvel, Secret Invasion marks the first time the character is portrayed by Emilia Clarke. The acclaimed actor, known for her roles in Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Terminator, expressed her enthusiasm for the Marvel franchise, calling it the best she has ever worked on. "It's just the best one," Clarke said, emphasizing its unique status and separate pedigree from other superhero franchises. She also praised her collaboration with co-star Ben Mendelsohn, who portrays G'iah's father, Talos, in Secret Invasion. "The thing about acting is it is like tennis: you're better with a better partner," she shared. "And he's just the best actor I've ever worked with."

Secret Invasion Is a Standalone Story

Clarke previously emphasized that the six-episode series was designed to appeal to a wide audience, not just Marvel fans. "It's definitely a show for the fans, but it's also a show that my mom, who doesn't watch Marvel, will watch and understand," she explained. "You can sometimes find yourself in dangerous territory with this genre, where if you haven't seen all 17 other films or shows, you won't get it. But that's not the case here." Director Ali Selim echoed Clarke's sentiments, expressing his collaboration with Marvel to ensure that the story could stand alone and captivate viewers. "I wanted to make sure that this story could stand alone and thrill an audience in and of itself because my wife is going to watch the story and love it," Selim shared.

Based on the popular 2008 Marvel Comics storyline, Secret Invasion centers around Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) as he uncovers a covert invasion of Earth by a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls, the green-skinned extraterrestrial race first introduced in Captain Marvel (2019). Alongside the previously mentioned cast members, Secret Invasion features the talents of Don Cheadle, Killian Scott, Olivia Colman, Dermot Mulroney, Richard Dormer, and Samuel Adewunmi.

The first three episodes of Secret Invasion are now available for streaming on Disney+.

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