Secret Invasion: How Long Has [SPOILER] Been a Skrull For?

Could Don Cheadle's Rhodey have been a Skrull all along? One Marvel enthusiast on Reddit, Dark-Bloodshott, believes they may have unraveled the mystery. According to their theory, War Machine has been a Skrull from the moment Cheadle stepped onto the scene in Iron Man 2. This notion gains credibility as it aligns Rhodey with the "secret mission" initiated by the Pentagon 15 years ago. Considering that Secret Invasion is slated to take place in 2025 within the MCU timeline, it allows for events to unfold discreetly in the background, unbeknownst to our heroes.

Naturally, some Marvel fans might contest this hypothesis. If the proponents of this theory are correct, it implies that almost every interaction with Rhodey has involved a Skrull. Iconic moments like his tearful farewell to Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame and the memorable "boom, you looking for this" scene would take on an entirely new meaning. However, this revelation could make revisiting past projects more intriguing as viewers search for subtle hints where the facade slips. (A significant portion of Endgame might be scrutinized in this context.) Additionally, such a twist would provide Marvel Studios with an opportunity to play with the recasting of James Rhodes, adding another layer of excitement. Only time will reveal the truth!

Secret Invasion theory
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Secret Invasion Poised To Reveal The Truth About Rhodey

The revelation of Secret Invasion has sparked speculation among fans, leading to questions about when these events took place. While breadcrumbs may exist, a definitive explanation is necessary. Marvel's Kevin Feige, in an interview with, assured that answers are on the horizon. However, he admitted that playing this game of hide-and-seek with viewers has been immensely enjoyable. Cheadle, along with Feige, was among the select few who knew the truth all along, making the forthcoming unveiling particularly captivating for devoted fans.

Feige shared, "We needed a character that would catch people off guard as a Skrull. Don was fully on board with the idea of playing and revealing another facet of Rhodey, exposing him as a Skrull. When we have incredibly talented actors like Don, who have been part of our journey for years, we consider them as creative collaborators. It was during the early stages when we presented this concept to Don, and he embraced the opportunity to explore different dimensions of Rhodey that we haven't seen before."

How Much Did Don Cheadle Know About Skrull Rhodey?

Cheadle has been aware of the idea that Rhodey is a Skrull for some time now, but he's keeping the secret tightly under wraps. It seems like the seasoned MCU actor anticipates an impending reveal and may have subtly incorporated hints into his performance in previous Marvel movies. The thought of this adds an extra layer of excitement as we look ahead to the future.

"It's thrilling to have that knowledge and infuse it into all these scenes with Rhodey," the actor shared with "There's more to Rhodes than meets the eye."

"It becomes a fascinating cat-and-mouse game between the two characters, centered around the information he possesses about Fury and the dilemma of whether he should disclose it," Cheadle elaborated. "Fury must navigate the situation carefully while still safeguarding and preserving our planet."

Want To Go Find The Clues From The Beginning of The Series?

Marvel's top superspy, Nick Fury, makes his highly anticipated return in Secret Invasion, the limited series that premiered on June 21st exclusively on Disney+. The role of Fury is reprised by the charismatic Samuel L. Jackson, as he leads the charge in unraveling a Skrull invasion that has infiltrated influential positions within governments and organizations worldwide. Alongside Fury, the series features a formidable team of allies including Maria Hill, portrayed by Cobie Smulders, Everett Ross, played by Martin Freeman, and Talos, portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn. Notably, James Rhodes, known as War Machine, will also make an enigmatic appearance in the series. Excitingly, Secret Invasion introduces new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

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