Secret Invasion Reveals the Origin of Nick Fury's Wife

SPOILER WARNING: The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Secret Invasion Episode 4, "Beloved." In a captivating episode filled with unexpected twists and turns, Secret Invasion sheds light on the intriguing origins of Nick Fury's wife, Priscilla. As is often the case with Marvel TV shows, Episode 4 marks a pivotal moment in the series. Priscilla Fury takes center stage, and her involvement becomes much more significant. Episode 3 left viewers hanging with Priscilla's enigmatic phone call to an unidentified individual. The familiar face behind the call is finally revealed! With all the cards laid out on the table, a long-awaited confrontation takes place, and Priscilla shares the story of assuming the identity of another woman in order to marry the spy.

Dr. Priscilla Davis, a regular woman with a congenital heart defect, finds herself entangled in this tale. As she battles her illness, she decides to shield her family from witnessing her suffering. During her time in the hospital, Varra, the Skrull, unexpectedly forms a bond with her. It appears that the Skrull genuinely cared for the woman during her final days. Nevertheless, Varra had a mission to fulfill, and assuming the identity of the original Priscilla became the ideal means to bypass Fury's vigilant watch. Charlayne Woodard's remarkable performance in Secret Invasion breathes authenticity into every word. The emotional moments between them are among the finest we have witnessed in these Disney+ TV shows. In her promise to the dying woman, Varra vows that no harm will befall Fury, and she remains true to her word.

Nick Fury's Wife Is A Skrull And That's Complicated

When the revelation came in Secret Invasion that Priscilla was, in fact, a Skrull, it sparked a multitude of questions among fans. The subsequent episodes seem to be dedicated to addressing the intricacies of this unique dynamic within their household. It's evident that finding common ground between two vastly different cultures cannot be an easy feat. (Many viewers have begun to reconsider the scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Fury was seen getting kicked out by his wife in a new light.) Samuel L. Jackson shared his thoughts on this matter after Episode 2.

"[Being a husband] might be even harder than his other life! Apparently, living with Fury is no easy task," Jackson revealed in an interview with "It's important for the audience to know that Fury has someone by his side, that he's not alone in the fight or in the world. And it adds an interesting twist to discover that his partner is a Skrull. It's my Skrullmance."

Samuel L. Jackson's Relationship With Charlayne Woodard

Interestingly, Charlayne Woodard has shared multiple collaborations with Jackson throughout their careers. It's worth noting that Woodard portrays both Varra and Priscilla, and her association with Jackson extends back several decades. In fact, the actress happens to be a real-life friend of Jackson's wife! This preexisting connection brings a unique depth to their performances, showcasing a genuine care that is sometimes lacking in the MCU's typical romantic narratives.

"Charlayne and I have known each other for a long time, going back to our days in New York theater when she was involved in dancing, singing, and all sorts of other endeavors," Jackson reflected. "We have a long history together. She is an incredible actor. When she was cast, I was thrilled to learn that she shares a close friendship with my wife, which eliminated any concerns about potential on-set romances."

"Everyone loves something or someone, and hopefully, someone loves them in return, providing an opportunity to let down their defenses, to experience the pain of loss or the joy of belonging. Priscilla serves as that person for Fury, even though their romance is fraught with challenges," Jackson observed. "Nick Fury loves someone, and he truly feels the weight of loneliness when she is not present."

Secret Invasion Continues To Get Wilder

Marvel Studios' highly anticipated limited series, Secret Invasion, brings back the MCU's iconic superspy, Nick Fury, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. Premiering on Disney+ on June 21st, the series delves into Fury's relentless pursuit of uncovering a far-reaching Skrull invasion, infiltrating the highest echelons of power within governments and organizations worldwide. Secret Invasion sees Fury teaming up with trusted allies such as Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), while James Rhodes, known as War Machine, makes an enigmatic appearance. Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and Kingsley Ben-Adir join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as exciting newcomers.

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