Shonen Jump+ App’s New World Maker: What Is It About?

Shonen Jump+, a renowned weekly shonen manga anthology, has recently introduced a new app called 'World Maker' for both Android and iOS operating systems. This interactive app aims to provide aspiring manga creators with a platform to bring their scripts to life using easy drag-and-drop features.

Initially, the World Maker app was exclusively available to beta users, offering a limited range of features. However, this article will delve into the app's future availability, expanded features, and its potential for budding mangaka.

Release Date And Availability

The manga app was initially introduced as a beta version on September 22, 2022. During its initial release, it was in the development phase and therefore limited to only 500 users. Following successful testing, Shueisha officially launched the World Maker app. The app's official handle shared the release announcement through a tweet, stating:

"Unlock your creativity with the World Maker app! Now you can create your own anime, manga, movies, dramas, and commercials."

What’s In It For The Manga Enthusiasts?

The World Maker app provides users with intuitive drag-and-drop features to seamlessly combine various elements of their manga. With the app's extensive library, users can divide their scripts into desired manga panels and access a vast collection of characters, backgrounds, and effects.

By offering pre-existing pictures and templates, the app eliminates the need for users to personally draw characters or backgrounds for their storyboards and comic titles. Aspiring mangaka can focus solely on assembling the manga parts and conveniently download their creations directly from the app.

A manga panel drawn using World maker app (Image via XGD6eIBpxY on World Maker app)

What Can You Do With The World Maker App?

With just a smartphone, anyone can effortlessly bring their creative vision to life using the World Maker app. The app boasts an extensive collection of over 6 million parts that can be utilized. Users begin by conceptualizing their ideas for stories, be it anime, manga, dramas, movies, or commercials. The app empowers authors to design manga panels tailored to their narratives. Additionally, the app incorporates interactive features to assist users in gaining popularity as manga authors.

Share Your Creations: The app enables users to share their creations online with fellow manga enthusiasts. The app's like, comment, and share features facilitate interaction with other users.

Support Each Other With The Community Function: You can follow and show support for authors who capture your interest by adding comments and likes to their works.

Challenge Contests: The World Maker app creators are planning a series of contests where users can collaborate with various companies and brands, providing an opportunity to make their debut as writers or directors. Winning entries may even have the chance to be adapted into anime, manga, or movies!

Share Your Work With The World Through Automatic Translation: The app offers a one-tap automatic translation feature for the text in your work. This allows your creations to transcend language barriers and be appreciated by people worldwide.

The World Maker app's distinctive interface and the concept of manga creation without the need for drawing have sparked a wave of untapped artistic potential among manga enthusiasts. Its user-friendly nature and interactive features enable manga readers, aspiring artists, and story writers to discover and nurture their hidden talents, presenting them with opportunities to develop and refine their skills.

The app is now readily available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.

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