Silo Star Promises a 'Darker, Grittier' Season 2

Rebecca Ferguson, known for her roles in Dune and Dune: Part Two, recently teased an upcoming second season of Silo that promises to be even "darker" and "grittier."

Despite her excitement, Apple TV's Silo star, Rebecca Ferguson, remains tight-lipped about the specifics of Season 2. However, she did tantalize fans by mentioning that the upcoming season would be filled with surprises and take on a "darker" and "grittier" tone.

The Season 1 finale of Silo left viewers on the edge of their seats with a gripping cliffhanger. Ferguson, who also serves as an executive producer, expressed her desire to reveal all the secrets of the forthcoming season. She revealed during an interview with The Wrap, "It's like I'm sitting on these secrets and I think, 'You have no idea.' As a producer, I sit in the writers' room with them, I know everything. I can say that it gets darker. It gets grittier. And it's literally like we've introduced the characters in Season 1, and now everything hits the fan."

Silo, an Apple TV+ series, is based on the popular Silo series of novels by Hugh Howey. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the show revolves around a community of survivors who reside in an enormous concrete silo. This self-sustaining subterranean city spans 144 floors and houses 10,000 residents. Within the Silo, people are taught that the outside world is toxic, and their only chance at survival is by remaining within its walls. Ferguson's character, Juliette Nichols, is an engineer responsible for the maintenance of the silo's generators in the lower levels. However, a tragic event leads to Juliette being promoted to the role of sheriff, compelling her to embark on a quest to uncover the Silo's secrets while investigating the mysterious death of her lover, portrayed by Ferdinand Kingsley. With its gripping storyline and Ferguson's enigmatic hints, fans eagerly await the arrival of Silo Season 2, which promises to delve even deeper into the mysteries and dangers of this post-apocalyptic world.

Silo's Season 1 Ending

In the gripping Season 1 finale of Silo, Juliette, played by Rebecca Ferguson, is forcefully escorted outside by Bernard, portrayed by Tim Robbins, who secretly runs the Silo. As Juliette steps out into the toxic surface, she makes a shocking discovery—the existence of other silos identical to theirs. The season concludes with Juliette's stunned expression, but according to Ferguson, her character's primary focus is on one thing: survival. "I don't mean to oversimplify it, but I find simple thoughts easier to portray," Ferguson explained. "At that moment, I think her mind is screaming, 'Get the hell out of there and find safety as quickly as possible. I have no idea if the tape will work.' And I find that intriguing."

Silo made its debut on Apple TV+ on May 5, 2023, and has steadily gained popularity among audiences. While it may not reach the same level of recognition as Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso series, Silo has garnered widespread acclaim from critics, who have praised Ferguson's captivating performance. Currently, production for the highly anticipated Season 2 of Silo is underway, promising to further captivate viewers with its suspenseful narrative.

Source: The Wrap

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