Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 Team Up Announced With Special Poster


Spy x Family is gearing up to conquer the world with an upcoming TV anime season and a highly anticipated movie that will hit theaters. However, before that, the franchise will be embarking on an exciting collaboration with Street Fighter 6, resulting in a special crossover event. This unique blend of the two franchises was announced alongside a captivating poster.

The anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's original Spy x Family manga made a significant impact in 2022, becoming one of the most talked-about new anime releases. Naturally, fans were thrilled when plans for a second season were unveiled. But what really caught everyone off guard was the revelation of an upcoming Spy x Family movie.

Titled Spy x Family Code: White, the debut feature film is set to grace theaters in Japan later this December. To commemorate this exciting occasion, Spy x Family is teaming up with another global sensation of the year, Street Fighter 6. A collaboration between the two franchises will add even more hype to the release of Spy x Family Code: White. Further details regarding this collaboration will be unveiled at a later date, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more information. For now, they can revel in the delight of a special poster that showcases Yor Forger from Spy x Family engaged in a fierce battle against Street Fighter 6's Chun Li. Take a look at the poster below:

What to Know for the Spy x Family Movie

Spy x Family Code: White is scheduled to premiere in theaters across Japan on December 22nd, with international release details yet to be announced at the time of this writing. The movie will feature an original story that diverges from the manga and anime, and the creator of the original Spy x Family manga, Tatsuya Endo, will be providing new character designs while overseeing the project. Leading the team behind the Spy x Family anime movie are director Takashi Katagiri from Wit Studio and CloverWorks, scriptwriter Ichiro Okuchi, and chief animation director Kyoji Asano.

To get ready for both the highly anticipated Spy x Family movie and the second season of the anime, you can catch up on the first season, which is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The official description of the Spy x Family anime series is as follows: "Twilight, a master spy, is unrivaled when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions for the betterment of the world. However, when he is assigned the ultimate mission—to get married and have a child—he finds himself facing a whole new level of challenge. Determined to rely on no one but himself, Twilight embarks on a mission to find a wife and a child to infiltrate an elite private school. Little does he know that the woman he chooses as his wife is an assassin, and the child he adopts is a telepath!"

Feel free to immerse yourself in the world of Spy x Family and prepare for the exciting upcoming releases.

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