Spy x Family Fan Becomes Thorn Princess Yor in Stunning Cosplay

Professional cosplayer Yaya Han mesmerizes with her stunning anime cosplay of Yor Forger, the beloved character from Spy x Family known as the Thorn Princess.

Taking to Instagram, Yaya Han expertly brings Yor to life in her impeccable cosplay portrayal. Han flawlessly captures the essence of the infamous assassin/wife/mother, donning Yor's signature black assassin attire. The intricately designed outfit includes the distinctive rose choker and a skirt adorned with beautiful red roses on the inside. To accentuate the rose theme, Han completes the ensemble with an exquisite rose crown adorning the top of her head.



Sharing her thoughts on her Instagram account, Han expressed, "When you point a blade at someone... you don't get to complain when one is pointed back at you." She also mentioned the practicality of the shorter dress, stating, "The shorter dress is much easier to move in, and the embossed knit fabric I used has some stretch to it, so even high kicks are no problem, haha!" The talented photographer behind Han's captivating "Murder Mommy Yor" photoshoot was Judy Stephens (@omgdjjudy).

In addition, Han treated her followers to a behind-the-scenes video detailing the creation of her remarkable Yor costume. She explained, "I used a striking black scuba fabric with damask embossing for the dress, which I haggled for in the LA fashion district, and a red/gold floral brocade from my Cosplay Fabrics line for the lining. All the pleather straps are also from my trim collection available at JOANN Fabric and Crafts." Fans of Spy x Family have been enthralled by Han's portrayal of Yor, describing it as "absolutely stunning" and "gorgeous."

Han is not the only fan of Spy x Family to embrace the character of the Thorn Princess. Enako, recognized as the top cosplayer in Japan, also took on the role of Yor for a manga-themed Japanese variety show. Another cosplayer beautifully embodied the Thorn Princess at Katsucon, while a creative fan captured Yor's nurturing warmth amidst the golden hour with their stunning costume.

Spy x Family, created by Tatsuya Endo, is an action-packed spy comedy manga. The series revolves around the Forger family—Loid, Yor, and their daughter Anya—as they navigate their new life as a family, unaware of each other's hidden identities. Fans can look forward to the second season of Spy x Family, slated for release in October. Additionally, the highly anticipated theatrical film, Spy x Family Code: White, is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on December 22nd.

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