Star Wars: Ahsoka Reveals First Look at Thrawn

Star Wars fans were in for a delightful surprise as Lucasfilm and Disney+ dropped the highly-anticipated trailer for Star Wars: Ahsoka, offering a captivating glimpse at Grand Admiral Thrawn. The latest clip showcases the continuation of Star Wars Rebels' storylines, with the villainous Thrawn and various elements from the beloved animated series making a striking appearance in live-action form. The inclusion of Lars Mikkelsen as Thrawn is particularly thrilling for many fans, fulfilling a long-held desire to see the character brought to life in this new iteration. The trailer has caused a flurry of excitement across the internet, fulfilling the dreams of fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of these animated favorites in a live-action setting. Check out the trailer below for a closer look.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Dave Filoni, one of the creative masterminds behind the Star Wars universe, emphasized that Grand Admiral Thrawn is poised to be the most formidable threat in The New Republic era. Filoni expressed his belief in Thrawn's significance, stating, "Definitely, in my eyes. When Timothy Zahn wrote Heir to the Empire, Thrawn became this very iconic villain because he was different from anything we had seen before. He didn't fit the mold of another helmet-wearing, lightsaber-wielding bad guy. There's a strong pull to create characters that resemble Vader because of its iconic nature."

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"The brilliance of Tim's work was in creating a character who didn't conform to the typical mold," Filoni elaborated. "Thrawn lacked the traditional abilities like wielding a lightsaber, but his uniqueness lay in his different approach. In the realm of 'Star Wars' and its inherent warfare, Thrawn stood out as a Grand Admiral, a leader, a military strategist, an archetype reminiscent of Moriarty—a figure who would outwit and outmaneuver his opponents. That aspect really struck a chord with audiences. He holds a pivotal role in this era, and we are fortunate to have such a character brought to life by the talented Lars Mikkelsen."

Lars Mikkelsen Touched By Fan Response At Star Wars Celebration

The debut of Star Wars: Ahsoka at Star Wars Celebration was a truly electrifying experience, evident from the palpable joy that filled the room. Lars Mikkelsen's portrayal of the villainous Thrawn seemed to elevate the atmosphere to a whole new level. Ahsoka has undeniably become a character that fans have embraced wholeheartedly. However, seeing her reunite with the larger Rebels squad was akin to a love explosion. In a heartfelt conversation with Entertainment Weekly's Dagobah Dispatch, Mikkelsen reflected on his time on that stage and couldn't contain his emotions.

"It was an incredibly emotional moment that caught me by surprise," Mikkelsen shared. "The audience's overwhelming love and support were truly heartwarming. I felt an immense sense of gratitude. It was an extraordinary experience—a feeling like no other."

"To be honest, I struggled to hold back tears," he added, reflecting on his emotional response. "I was genuinely moved, and it took me by surprise. I didn't anticipate such an intense emotional reaction."

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Thrawn Is A Little Different For Star Wars: Ahsoka

Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed subtle differences in Lars Mikkelsen's line delivery for Thrawn in live-action, but the actor assures that there's no cause for concern. The disparity arises from the contrasting nature of voicing an animated character versus delivering a performance in person.

"I haven't abandoned the voice, but I am adapting it for the live-action portrayal," Mikkelsen explained to Empire Magazine. "When you voice an animated character, there's a certain melodic approach. However, when you're physically present as an actor, that melodious quality would be just slightly excessive."

Reflecting on his role, the actor expressed his admiration for Thrawn's ascent within the Empire and how he carries himself in that environment to establish his presence. Mikkelsen remarked, "I love the way he rises through the Empire and how he conducts himself to become a significant figure. And, of course, it's hard not to appreciate a highly intelligent villain. Thrawn invests time in comprehending his opponents' cultures and understanding what drives them. It's truly delightful to portray such a character."

Star Wars: Ahsoka Is Coming Up Quick

Rosario Dawson returns as the beloved Star Wars hero, Ahsoka Tano, in the highly-anticipated Disney+ series titled Star Wars: Ahsoka. Set to premiere in August on the streaming platform, the show continues the story following the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. In these previous series, we witnessed Ahsoka's quest to locate the whereabouts of Grand Admiral Thrawn, portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen, while also assisting Luke Skywalker in training Grogu. Joining Ahsoka on her new mission are her trusted allies Sabine Wren, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Hera Syndulla, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Together, they strive to track down Thrawn, who vanished into the depths of space after a confrontation with Ezra Bridger, portrayed by Eman Esfandi. Star Wars: Ahsoka is the latest addition to Lucasfilm's impressive lineup of live-action series, created by the talented duo of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

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