Starfield Leak Reveals a Surprising Weapon

When envisioning the combat in Starfield, the upcoming game from Bethesda, one might imagine futuristic weaponry like laser rifles and jetpacks. However, a recent leak suggests that players may also have the option to wield a more familiar modern weapon in their interstellar battles. The leak in question reveals the possible inclusion of AK-47s in Starfield, a rifle recognizable to many who have played military shooters like the Call of Duty series. While it may come as a surprise to some, it does make sense that such a weapon would endure into the future in the world of Starfield.

Twitter user Idle Sloth, known for frequently covering Xbox news, shared the Starfield leak in their Discord community. Since then, others have also shared the leaked image online, drawing attention to the presence of the AK-47. Rebs Gaming, in particular, highlighted this detail in the leaked image.

It remains to be seen how the AK-47 and other weaponry will function within the context of Starfield's gameplay. Fans eagerly await further official information from Bethesda regarding the game's combat mechanics and the various weapons players will wield in their galactic adventures.


It's important to note a couple of considerations regarding the leaked weapon in Starfield. Bethesda may choose to give the weapon a different name in the game rather than using the widely known and generic term "AK-47." Starfield has showcased unique names for its weapons thus far, with the exception of more basic items like the combat knife. Therefore, it's reasonable to expect that this particular weapon will have its own distinct name while still retaining a recognizable design.

For those who find the weapon familiar, it should be mentioned that its existence in Starfield was already known prior to this leak. During Bethesda's Starfield Direct event in June, the weapon was briefly shown in the hands of a player during gameplay segments. However, given the length of the event and the brevity of the showcase, many viewers are now seeing this weapon in Starfield for the first time through this recent leak.

Starfield is set in the year 2330, so if this is indeed intended to represent the AK-47 or a similar weapon known from other shooters, Bethesda will likely provide an in-universe explanation for its continued use despite the passage of time and advancements in technology. Some theories suggest that the weapon may serve as low-level, readily available gear in Starfield's futuristic setting, while others speculate that it may become a staple in every player's arsenal regardless of its age. The true nature and role of the weapon in Starfield will be revealed as more information about the game becomes available. 

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