Starfield May Be Coming to Steam Deck

Starfield, one of the highly anticipated games of this year, may potentially be playable on the Steam Deck. In recent times, handheld gaming has experienced a significant resurgence. The Nintendo Switch, which was introduced in 2017, pioneered the concept of a portable console that allows players to enjoy games like Skyrim both on their TV and on the go. While impressive, the Switch's hardware is somewhat limited for certain games. Valve then entered the scene with its own offering, the Steam Deck, a considerably more powerful handheld device that rivals mid-range gaming PCs. While it may not run every game flawlessly and battery life can be a concern, it stands as one of the few options for playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 on the go.

Given the context, the release of Starfield, a game boasting numerous planets, extensive gameplay mechanics, and potentially hundreds of hours of content, is highly anticipated. Players are expected to delve into the game for weeks, months, and possibly even years, reminiscent of the enduring popularity of Skyrim. The prospect of playing Starfield on the Steam Deck would undoubtedly enhance the accessibility and convenience of experiencing the game. During an interview with Kinda Funny's XCast podcast, Todd Howard from Bethesda hinted at the possibility of bringing Starfield to the Steam Deck. In a discussion about accessibility features, Howard emphasized the importance of adjustable text sizes, particularly when considering different display sizes such as those found in handheld devices. When directly questioned about the game's availability on the Steam Deck, Howard indicated that more details would be revealed in the future.

While Todd Howard's response does not provide a definitive confirmation or denial, it does suggest that the possibility of Starfield coming to the Steam Deck is not entirely ruled out. If it were not happening, Howard would likely be able to dismiss the notion outright. However, it is plausible that the game is still undergoing optimization and Bethesda cannot make any commitments at this stage. Therefore, the outcome remains uncertain, and we will need to exercise patience and await further updates to know for sure.

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