Starfield's File Size Is Predictably Massive

Bethesda's upcoming game Starfield has generated immense excitement among players as it promises to be one of the biggest releases in 2023. The renowned developer behind Skyrim is venturing into the realm of space with ambitious features, including the ability to explore various planets and construct personalized spaceships. With an expansive game world aiming to replicate an entire galaxy, one would anticipate a significant file size. Recently, Xbox's official website unveiled the full details of Starfield, including its file size, which stands at a staggering 125GB.

GameRant initially discovered the file size update on the official Xbox site. To view the file size, users need to navigate to the "More" tab and scroll down beneath the extensive list of supported languages. Although the 125GB file will occupy a substantial portion of your hard drive, it is not unexpected in today's gaming landscape. Many AAA titles are released with massive installation sizes, with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reaching a monumental 155GB earlier this year. While Starfield falls slightly short of that record, it certainly ranks among the larger games in terms of file size.

Indeed, given the ambitious nature of Bethesda's latest project, it's not surprising that Starfield comes with such a substantial file size. The game aims to push boundaries by venturing into space and expanding on the open-world mechanics seen in The Elder Scrolls series. Its impressive showcases have generated high expectations among players, making the sizable file size expected and almost justified. If anything, one might have anticipated an even larger size for a game of this magnitude.

Fortunately, the wait for Starfield's release isn't long. The game is set to launch on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. This gives players ample time to prepare and clear space on their chosen platform. Additionally, those who opt for pre-ordering Starfield will have the opportunity to acquire the "Old Mars Skin Pack," which includes three bonus character skins.

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