Studio Trigger Regains Rights to One of Anime's Top Series


When it comes to anime, few names carry as much weight as Studio Trigger. Since its establishment in 2011, the production company has consistently defied expectations with its innovative series. From Little Witch Academia to Promare and more, Studio Trigger has been at the forefront of delivering groundbreaking anime experiences. And now, the studio has reclaimed the rights to one of the industry's most beloved series.

Can you guess which series it is? Well, you're in for a treat. Studio Trigger has successfully regained the rights to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt from Gainax, and the team is eager to breathe new life into the IP.

ComicBook got the inside scoop at this month's Anime Expo as Studio Trigger took the main stage. The studio confirmed that it now holds the complete license for Panty and Stocking, following its announcement of a series comeback last year. According to Trigger's executives, they had been patiently waiting to reclaim the rights from Gainax.

For those unfamiliar with the anime's intriguing history, Panty and Stocking was originally created by Hiroyuki Imaishi during his time at Gainax. The series, which first aired in 2010, quickly gained a cult following. However, when Imaishi and other creators left Gainax to establish Studio Trigger, they had to leave the IP behind. Now, with Trigger's acquisition of Panty and Stocking, fans are eagerly anticipating the reunion of the creator with his beloved project.

Indeed, it's already known that Panty and Stocking has a new project in the works. Studio Trigger announced the anime comeback last year and it seems that the team is brimming with ideas to explore. At Anime Expo this month, they revealed that they have enough concepts for Panty and Stocking to fill 10 seasons! So, if you're a fan of the action comedy, get ready for the revival of Panty and Stocking and don't miss out on the exciting content to come.

For those unfamiliar with Panty and Stocking, the series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. To learn more about the new title from Trigger, please refer to its official synopsis below:

"What happens when Panty and Stocking, the foul-mouthed Anarchy Sisters, are booted from the pearly gates? They take their nasty-attitudes to the seedy abyss between heaven and earth. Now, they spend their nights blowing up ghosts and indulging their questionable fetishes. But if they want to earn their halos back, they'll have to collect enough Heaven Coins, while turning the streets of Daten City into a buffet of bodily fluids. And with this debaucherous duo, there's a slim chance in hell they'll ever make it back to heaven. Still, anything can happen when you're rolling commando with Panty and Stocking!"

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