Succession Sets New Emmy Record

HBO recently concluded the highly acclaimed series, Succession, with its fourth and final season, leaving viewers enthralled. The finale of Succession unveiled the unexpected choice for the new CEO of Waystar Roy Co, defying fans' expectations. Despite some theories predicting this outcome, the revelation still surprised many. Creator Jesse Armstrong surprised audiences by announcing the end of the series just weeks before its premiere, intensifying the anticipation surrounding the show. The Emmy Awards recently revealed their list of nominees, and Succession has garnered significant recognition. The series received an impressive total of 27 nominations, setting a record with three actors from the show—Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong—all being nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, an unprecedented feat.

Why did Succession end?

In a recent interview, Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong confirmed the comments made by some of the series' stars that hinted at Season 4 being the conclusion of the show on HBO. Just a few months ago, Succession Season 4 concluded its run on the premium cable network.

Armstrong shared his thoughts on the timing of the announcement, stating, "We could have revealed it as soon as I made the decision, almost during the writing process, which I think would have been strange and perverse. Another option would have been to announce it at the end of the season. Creatively, I quite like that idea because it allows the audience to fully enjoy everything without trying to decipher or interpret things differently once they know it's the final season. However, I also feel a responsibility to the viewership, and personally, I wouldn't want the feeling of 'That's it, guys. That was the end' without knowing it was coming to an end. Additionally, there are practical aspects, such as interviews with the cast. Since it definitively marks the end, it might be uncomfortable to have to evade the question for an extended period of time. Given that the show is against pretense, I wouldn't want to be disingenuous when discussing it."

All episodes of Succession are now available for streaming exclusively on Max!

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