Suicide Squad Anime Announced


Oh, it's finally happening! The isekai genre is embarking on an exciting new journey with the collaboration of DC Comics. Warner Bros. Japan has just confirmed that the DC Universe is set to receive the anime treatment, bringing none other than the Suicide Squad to life.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Suicide Squad is getting an anime adaptation. This exciting announcement was made by Warner Bros. Pictures during a panel at Anime Expo. Collaborating with WIT Studios, the company will transport our beloved members of the Suicide Squad into a fantastical world.

So far, only a few details have emerged about the upcoming DC anime, but one can only imagine the chaos that will ensue with this unique concept. With its colorful cast of characters, it's no surprise that the Suicide Squad's isekai debut is expected to be anything but ordinary. Harley Quinn, in particular, knows all too well that things are bound to go sideways for her. Key art has been released, showcasing characters such as the Joker, and the project is being directed by Eri Osada, known for their work on Jujutsu Kaisen.

As of now, no specific release window has been announced for the DC anime. However, a TV show centered around the Suicide Squad is currently in development. This small-screen project is just one of several that have tackled the exploits of this legendary team in recent years. The Suicide Squad previously made its mark on the big screen with David Ayer's blockbuster, receiving mixed reviews and eventually leading to a sort of reboot by James Gunn. Other spin-off projects, like Birds of Prey and Peacemaker, have stemmed from the world of the Suicide Squad. And naturally, fans are eagerly anticipating the team of rogues' future appearances within the DCEU.


The Suicide Squad is gearing up for its anime adaptation, and WIT Studios is the perfect team to bring it to life. Known for their recent successes with titles like Attack on Titan and Spy x Family, WIT Studios has been hard at work. Under the guidance of industry veteran George Wada, the studio is set to give the isekai genre a DC makeover, and fans are eagerly anticipating what this unique adaptation has in store.

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