Suicide Squad Anime Debuts First Trailer, Poster


Exciting news from Warner Bros. Japan and WIT Studio! They have joined forces to create a new anime series that puts an anime spin on the renowned Suicide Squad from DC Comics. The first trailer and poster for Suicide Squad ISEKAI have been unveiled, generating immense anticipation among fans. During their panel at Anime Expo, Warner Bros. Japan and WIT Studio had teased a forthcoming anime announcement, and the revelation of a Suicide Squad anime exceeded fans' expectations. This new anime iteration, Suicide Squad ISEKAI, will incorporate elements from the Isekai subgenre, providing a unique twist to the story.

In Suicide Squad ISEKAI, DC's Suicide Squad will find themselves transported to another world for their anime debut. The initial trailer, available in the video above, showcases a fresh anime interpretation of Joker and Harley Quinn as they confront fantastical monsters. Given the title's nod to the infamous villainous group, it is likely that we will witness more DC Comics characters in action throughout the series. Check out the captivating new poster for Suicide Squad ISEKAI, illustrated by Akira Amano, below:


What to Know the Suicide Squad Anime

The highly anticipated Suicide Squad ISEKAI, directed by Eri Osada, is currently scheduled for release in 2024. WIT Studio, renowned for its work on Attack on Titan's first three seasons, Spy x Family, and more, will be handling the animation production. Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara are tasked with writing the scripts, while Akira Amano will provide character drafts. Naoto Hosoda will finalize the character designs, Kenichiro Suehiro will compose the music, and Shinya Tsuuoka will serve as the producer for Warner Bros. Japan. As for what lies ahead in the series, Warner Bros. teases Suicide Squad ISEKAI with the following description:

"DC's Harley Quinn, the Joker, and The Suicide Squad rampage onto the stage of ISEKAI* in the new original anime series from Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, Suicide Squad ISEKAI. The most maddening worlds collide in an epic and violent fantasy with the strongest line-up of anime creators! *ISEKAI means 'another world', which is now one of the most popular genres for Japanese anime."

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