Super Mario RPG Remake Has an Interesting Change from the SNES Version


Recently, Nintendo delighted fans with the announcement of a remake of Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1996, the game has long been coveted by fans, who have eagerly awaited its re-release. Nintendo's showcasing of the remake so far indicates a faithful recreation of the original, with the primary change being the updated graphics. However, the trailer unveiled an interesting alteration from the original game: the official renaming of "Princess Toadstool" to "Peach." While a minor change, it aims to provide clarity for those unfamiliar with the character's North American moniker.

The name alteration was unveiled in the trailer for Super Mario RPG, which can be viewed at the top of this page. The transition from "Princess Toadstool" to "Peach" reflects the character's long-standing Japanese name, as Peach has been the established name for the princess in Japan. In North America, she exclusively went by the name "Princess Toadstool" for many years. However, Nintendo introduced the compromise of "Peach Toadstool" in Super Mario 64, and the usage of the Toadstool name has been sporadic since then. For many fans, especially those unfamiliar with the earlier iterations, the Toadstool name might be relatively unknown. Super Mario RPG, being released in the same year as Super Mario 64, was among the last games to use the Toadstool name.

Considering the immense success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which surpassed $1 billion in box office revenue, Princess Peach gained widespread recognition among new fans. To ensure simplicity and clarity for players, it makes sense for Nintendo to adopt the Peach name in its games, leading to the name change in Super Mario RPG. An even more notable example of a name change occurred recently when Nintendo decided to globally use the name "Spike" for the character originally known as "Blackie" in Japan from the game Wrecking Crew. This change coincided with the Japanese release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and will be the standard moving forward.

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