Take a Chance on Loteria Funko Pops

If you're not familiar with the game of Mexican Loteria, think of it as a cooler version of American Bingo. While the games share similarities, Loteria uses a deck of 54 illustrated cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. These cards feature images of devils, mermaids, and Death, making it the perfect candidate for the Funko Pop treatment. Although, let's be honest, a Funko Pop of your grandma playing bingo at the community center would be pretty awesome too.

The Loteria Funko Pop wave includes El Diablito in common and PX Exclusive glow-in-the-dark editions, La Chalupa (Lupita in her boat), and La Muerte (Death) in common and Entertainment Earth exclusive glow-in-the-dark editions. You can pre-order them all on the Entertainment Earth website with free shipping in the US on orders over $59 using the code FREESHIP59 at checkout. These Pop figures may also become available on Amazon in the near future. If you want to combine the Loteria Pops with the actual game, you can purchase a card set on Amazon starting at just $7.50.

The official description of the game reads: "Mexican loteria is a wonderful, traditional card game similar to bingo. Loteria is also a form of folk art, as each of the colorful cards features popular Mexican figures such as 'el catrin' (the gentleman), 'el borracho' (the drunk), 'la calavera' (the skeleton), 'la chalupa' (the flower boat), and more. It's great fun for the entire family."

Currently, only the three Funko Pops mentioned here are included in the Loteria lineup. However, if they prove to be popular, it's likely that future waves will be added. Keep in mind that the Loteria Funko Pops were part of a larger release on July 5th.

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