The Boys: Gen V Spinoff Gets Promising Premiere Update

Fans of The Boys will be pleased to know that they won't have to wait much longer for the show's first spin-off. According to a recent report, Gen V, the highly anticipated Prime Video spin-off of the R-rated superhero series, is still on track for a fall release. Despite the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which is expected to continue throughout the summer, Gen V is already well into post-production. As a result, it appears that neither the writer's strike nor a potential actor's strike, which could occur later this week, will impact the release of Gen V.

This exciting news was tucked away in a comprehensive report by Variety that explores the current state of Hollywood amidst the potential occurrence of two strikes.

What is The Boys: Gen V going to be about?

The first spinoff from The Boys, Gen V, will center around a group of individuals with superpowers as they navigate their lives at a college overseen by Vought. According to Seth Rogen, the series producer, Gen V promises to be even more shocking than its predecessor.

"Gen V has some truly mind-blowing elements. The fact that the characters are in college and slightly younger adds an extra level of shock value," Rogen shared.

"When you're creating an R-rated project, they usually give you the freedom to do pretty much anything, unless there are specific legal concerns that need addressing," Rogen explained. "With The Boys, sometimes it only takes an additional five-minute phone call to confirm that, yes, we really want to push the boundaries. There are countless other topics that require hours of discussion, and they are far less intriguing than those moments."

The recently released trailer for Gen V unveiled several familiar characters from The Boys who will make appearances in the upcoming spinoff. Jessie T. Usher will reprise his role as A-Train, while Colby Minifie returns as Vought's Ashley Barrett, and P.J. Byrne takes on the role of director Adam Bourke. Joining them in the main cast of Gen V are Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Clancy Brown. The show will also feature London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Sean Patrick Thomas, Marco Pigossi, and Alexander Calvert.

For fans eager to catch up on The Boys, all three seasons of the series, along with its animated spinoff Diabolical, are currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. As for Gen V, it is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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