The Dangers in My Heart VA Expresses Sadness Over Missing Anime Expo

Shun Horie, the voice actor behind Kyotaro Ichikawa in The Dangers in My Heart, expressed his disappointment at not being able to attend Anime Expo earlier this month.

In a recent tweet on their personal Twitter account, Shun Horie conveyed regret for their absence at the convention. They shared a message using both Japanese and English, expressing their frustration about many Japanese voice actors being overseas and their desire to feel connected to the LA event, even if only through social media. The tweet read, "Hello, dear people! It's frustrating that most Japanese voice actors are currently overseas, so I'm tweeting to feel a little bit like I'm in LA...I'm sad. Goodbye..."

Anime Expo, a highly anticipated event for anime enthusiasts, recently concluded on July 4, concluding a weekend filled with thrilling anime events and exciting announcements. Among the series highlighted in the 2023-2024 anime lineup by streaming platform HIDIVE was The Dangers in My Heart, confirming that its upcoming seasons will be available for streaming on the service. The eagerly awaited Season 2 of this popular romantic comedy is currently scheduled to premiere in January. Additionally, Anime Expo served as the venue for the world premiere of the 1,000th English-dubbed episode of One Piece. This momentous occasion took place just a block away from the convention's official venue, at the esteemed GRAMMY Museum.

The Dangers in My Heart Manga and Anime

Norio Sakurai's manga, The Dangers in My Heart, made its debut in Weekly Shonen Champion magazine in March 2018. It later migrated to Champion Cross before finding its permanent home at Manga Cross. The story revolves around Kyotaro Ichikawa, an unpopular high school student who harbors a distorted perception of reality, believing himself to be the tormented protagonist of a psychological thriller. With animosity towards his classmates, he frequently devises ways to torment them. However, he also nurtures a secret crush on Anna Yamada, one of the most popular girls in school. As their relationship develops, Kyotaro discovers that Anna herself has a peculiar side to her character.

Shin-Ei Animation, known for Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon, adapted Sakurai's popular manga into an animated series that premiered in April 2023. The series was directed by Hiroaki Akagi (Teasing Master Takagi-san) and written by Jukki Hanada (Bloom Into You, Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions!). Kensuke Ushio (A Silent Voice, Chainsaw Man) composed the captivating music for the series. Hina Yomiya co-starred alongside Shun Horie as Anna Yamada. Prior to The Dangers In My Heart, Horie lent his voice to various prominent characters in popular anime series such as Kazuya Kinoshita from Rent-A-Girlfriend, Tomoki Kakegawa from 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team, Sariel from The Seven Deadly Sins, and Amethio from Pokemon Horizons.

The first season of The Dangers In My Heart is available for streaming on HIDIVE, while the manga can be enjoyed in English through Seven Seas Entertainment.

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