The Dragon Prince Season 5 Episode Titles Revealed

The Dragon Prince is set to make its highly anticipated return to Netflix with Season 5 later this month. To amp up excitement for the animated series' comeback, The Dragon Prince has unveiled the episode titles for the upcoming major arc. Season 4 marked the beginning of the Mystery of Aaravos saga, and Season 5 will delve deeper into this captivating storyline, intensifying the anticipation for the new season.

The Dragon Prince Season 5, premiering in July on Netflix, will continue the compelling narrative of the Mystery of Aaravos saga. Wonderstorm, the production company behind the series, has released the titles for the nine new episodes. With Netflix confirming that The Dragon Prince will be able to fully realize its planned seven-season story, each episode brings viewers closer to the culmination of this epic tale. Below, you can find the episode titles for The Dragon Prince Season 5 and let your imagination run wild with anticipation for what they may hold:

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Episode Titles Revealed

• Chapter 1: Domina Profundis

• Chapter 2: Old Wounds

• Chapter 3: Nightmares & Revelations

• Chapter 4: The Great Bookery

• Chapter 5: Archmage Akiyu

• Chapter 6: Bait & Switch

• Chapter 7: Sea Legs

• Chapter 8: Finnegrin's Wake

• Chapter 9: Infantis Sanguine 

Premiering on Netflix on July 27th and titled "Book Five: Water," The Dragon Prince Season 5 from Wonderstorm is set to delve into the next chapter of the Mystery of Aaravos saga. This highly anticipated season brings intense anticipation as fans eagerly await the continuation of the epic animated series. Wonderstorm teases The Dragon Prince Season 5 as such, "The Netflix animated series THE DRAGON PRINCE returns for a nine-episode fifth season on July 27, 2023. In this exciting next chapter of the 'Mystery of Aaravos' arc, we rejoin our heroes after their narrow escape from the depths of Umber Tor. With the map to Aaravos' prison in hand, Claudia and Terry race against time to save Viren's life. Meanwhile, Callum, Rayla, Ezran, and Soren seek out new friends (and old) to help them prevent the return of the infamous Startouch Elf."

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