The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist Finds Streaming Home at HIDIVE


The highly anticipated romantic comedy, "The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist" by Kazuomi Koga, has finally arrived and is now available for streaming exclusively on HIDIVE.

During the Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2023, the renowned streaming company unveiled an exciting lineup of anime titles, including the aforementioned series. Hosted by Star Butler and Jacki Jing (known for their roles in Netflix's "The Circle"), the panel confirmed HIDIVE's acquisition of "The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist," as well as the second seasons of "Oshi no Ko," "Spy Classroom," and "The Dangers in My Heart." To conclude the event, HIDIVE treated the audience to the U.S. premiere of Kadokawa's "Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero," which made its official debut on HIDIVE on July 3, coinciding with the release of "The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist."

What is The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist?

"The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist" originated as a light novel series written by Okemaru and illustrated by Saba Mizore. It made its debut on the self-publishing site, Shosetsuka ni Naro, in December 2018. This delightful romantic comedy centers around Wataru Sojou, a high school student deeply infatuated with his classmate, Aika Natsukawa. Despite never mustering the courage to approach her in reality, Wataru continuously indulges in daydreams about the eventual confession of their mutual feelings.

However, one day, Wataru comes to the realization that he and Aika may not be compatible, leading him to distance himself from her. This unexpected change deeply confuses Aika, who secretly harbors reciprocal affection, as she grapples with the reasons behind his sudden aloofness. As the story progresses, the two protagonists navigate their complicated relationship, both believing their love to be unrequited.

The anime adaptation of "The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist" is a collaborative effort between Studio Gokumi (known for "A-Channel") and AXsiZ (responsible for "Kinmoza the Movie - Thank You!"). Kazuomi Koga, who previously worked as an Episode Director for "Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World," takes the helm as the director. Series Composition is handled by Michiko Yokote (known for works like "Bleach" and "Gintama"). Masaru Koseki (from "Kinmoza the Movie - Thank You!") undertakes the role of Character Designer, adapting Mizore's original illustrations for animation. Ryohei Sataka (known for "Classroom of the Elite II") composes the series' music, with production assistance from Studio Pony Canyon (renowned for "Attack on Titan").

HIDIVE, in addition to adding subtitled content to its lineup, has obtained the rights to several Dubcasts scheduled to premiere later this year. Viewers can look forward to the English Dubs of "The Dangers in My Heart Season 1" and "KAIJI: Ultimate Survivor Third Arc" this summer. Furthermore, the English version of "The Eminence in Shadow Season 2" will be available both subbed and dubbed as part of HIDIVE's simulcast series for Fall 2023, marking a significant milestone for the platform.

Source: HIDIVE Press Release

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