The Last of Us 3 First Story Details Reportedly Revealed

An unofficial report has emerged online providing alleged details about The Last of Us Part 3, a rumored game from Naughty Dog. It's important to note that no official announcement has been made regarding a third installment for the PlayStation series, whether it be for the PS5, PS6, or any other PlayStation platform. Nevertheless, unofficial reports about the game have circulated for some time, and this latest report offers some potential insights into the story.

The information comes from a relatively reliable source, Daniel Richtman, who suggests that a portion of the plot revolves around a group of scavengers struggling to survive on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic city. Their base of operations is said to be a Victorian house, which serves as a cramped dwelling for the group.

The report does not reveal many additional details, aside from the names of a few characters. One character mentioned is Lucas, described as an affable male who develops a relationship with a young scavenger, leading them towards a darker path. Another male character, Mason, is introduced as a former soldier who faces a dilemma when he must choose between his loyalty to Ezra or the rest of the group occupying the Victorian house. Ezra, another male character, apparently desires to take control of the Victorian house from Val, a female character who currently leads the group. Lastly, there is a female character named Gracis, whose details are not provided other than her age falling within the range of 18-25.

As always, please approach the following information with caution. While the source in question has demonstrated reliability in the past, they have also been occasionally inaccurate. Additionally, even if the information provided is currently accurate, it remains susceptible to alterations. Regarding the content itself, it appears to resemble excerpts from scripts distributed to prospective actors for the game. It is worth noting that such casting materials/scripts often serve as a common origin for game leaks in general.

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