The Office Star Wasn't Happy While on Show

Despite The Office attaining immense popularity as one of the most beloved sitcoms, there was a cast member who did not find fulfillment during their time on the show. Rainn Wilson, who played a lead role on The Office, recently revealed in a podcast appearance that he experienced a sense of dissatisfaction with his career while the show was airing. Rather than being content with his television success, Wilson had aspirations of landing prominent film roles and becoming a renowned name in the industry.

During an episode of Club Random with Bill Maher, Wilson candidly expressed his feelings, stating, "While I was part of The Office, I spent several years feeling largely unhappy because I believed it wasn't enough." Despite being part of a critically acclaimed and beloved TV series, Wilson admitted to feeling a constant desire for more, questioning why he hadn't become a movie star comparable to the likes of Jack Black or Will Ferrell. He yearned for a flourishing film career and wondered why he didn't have opportunities like a coveted development deal.

Wilson acknowledged that, despite earning a comfortable income from The Office, it failed to bring him the satisfaction he desired in his career.

Will The Office ever return with new episodes?

Due to the immense popularity of The Office's streaming success following its initial broadcast television run, fans have been eagerly hoping for some form of revival. However, series star and writer BJ Novak suggested that the possibility of a revival may have already passed.

Novak stated last year, "I'm not sure about the contractual aspects, but creatively and spiritually, it ultimately falls into the hands of Greg Daniels. He is universally recognized as the driving force behind The Office, both in the American version and its creative vision. It's highly unlikely that you would be able to reunite the entire cast again; that ship has sailed."

However, as recently as February, NBC executives have refrained from providing definitive answers regarding a potential revival. Susan Rovner of NBC remarked, "I am ready to support whatever Greg Daniels wants to do. I am eagerly waiting for his decision."

All nine seasons of The Office, including extended superfan episodes, are currently available for streaming on Peacock.

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