The Purge Creator Hopes to Develop Another TV Series for Franchise


After delivering audiences multiple hit films, The Purge franchise expanded from its big-screen horrors into a TV series, which ran for two seasons and even included an appearance from original Purge star Ethan Hawke, before it was ultimately cancelled. Despite the series being cut short, franchise creator James DeMonaco recently revealed that he has been considering the idea of developing a new TV format that would focus on the aftermath of the events depicted in the first film, particularly on the family who found themselves entangled in a violent altercation with home intruders. DeMonaco has plans for a sixth The Purge film, although there are no confirmed details on its release date.

While discussing his interest in revisiting the family from the first film, DeMonaco expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Absolutely. I always wanted to follow them up... And listen, if the strike ends and we get a chance, there is talk of doing an interesting take on a TV show where I would be able to do that because we'd be able to explore very intimate Purge stories, but I don't know if that's true, but I hope."

After the success of the debut film, the franchise mainly shifted its focus to exploring other characters navigating this dystopian world, often favoring new adventures rather than continuing with established characters. However, Frank Grillo's character, Leo, appeared in both The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year.

DeMonaco also hinted at some of the events he envisioned taking place in the family's storyline.

"I think they move away. I would say they would do what I did. I think a family that experiences that much trauma and loss on that night -- and Lena's [Headey] character I always thought, way more than [Ethan Hawke's] James, the Lena Headey character was questioning The Purge in a way that he wasn't. He was just accepting the financial rewards of selling security systems. Lena always said she wanted to play it like she was dead inside, that the mere fact that The Purge existed had killed her soul."

He continued, "So she kind of wanted to play it, and I think she plays it beautifully. She's constantly kind of looking at her reflections and contemplating quietly what this all means. I think if you experience that level of trauma you exit, pretty quickly, the country. I don't think you can buy into a government system that sanctions this. I always want to follow the Sandins on that journey to another country, which is what I thought it would be. But then that country maybe starts Purging, too, and the cycle of crap continues in the world."

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