The Seven Deadly Sins Creator Hypes Anime Sequel in New Sketch


The Seven Deadly Sins is gearing up for an exciting year ahead, fueled not only by its latest film series, Grudge of Edinburgh, but also by the anticipated arrival of its spin-off series in 2023. The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse will center around Percival, a character on a quest to uncover the truths behind a prophecy that foretells his role in the destruction of his world. In a gesture to facilitate the transition from Meliodas to Percival as the main protagonist, Nakaba Suzuki, the creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, has shared new artwork featuring the two shonen heroes standing side-by-side.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse initially debuted in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2021, continuing Percival's journey as he forms new alliances and encounters new adversaries. While the spin-off series may not feature the original Sins that contributed to the franchise's popularity among anime fans, their influence can still be felt. The upcoming anime adaptation is scheduled to premiere this fall on October 8th in Japan, produced by Telecom Animation Film.

Two Knights Of The Apocalypse

To celebrate the upcoming sequel series and the shift in focus from Meliodas to Percival, the creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, Nakaba Suzuki, shared the new artwork. As Meliodas takes a back seat this time around, the art serves as a symbol of the transition. The duration of the manga's storyline in Four Knights of The Apocalypse has not been confirmed yet, which suggests that the anime adaptation may have a long and promising future ahead.

If you have yet to delve into Percival's world, here's how Kodansha USA describes the original manga series: "In the world of The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse, Percival has always lived with his grandfather on the idyllic, remote God's Finger. And though Percival loves the simple life, he longs for adventure. That is, until adventure comes knocking at his door, tearing away everything he's ever known and leaving him alone in the world. Now Percival has no choice but to go out into the world and see what it holds...after all, it's his destiny!"

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