The Witcher Showrunner Reverses Ties Between Ciri and Blood Origin


The showrunner of The Witcher, Lauren Hissrich, has distanced one of the show's central characters from Netflix's ill-fated Witcher spin-off. In a recent interview with EW, Hissrich clarified that a prophecy mentioned in The Witcher: Blood Origin did not pertain to Ciri, despite Ciri's storyline revolving around her inherent magical abilities stemming from her "Elder Blood." The prophecy in The Witcher: Blood Origin referred to Eile, the central character of that series, stating, "The Lark's seed will carry forth, the first note in a song that ends all times, and one of her blood shall sing the last."

This prophecy appeared to bear resemblance to a prophecy from The Witcher books, which included the line, "The world will die amidst frost and be reborn with the new sun. It will be reborn of Elder Blood, of Hen Ichaer, of the seed that has been sown. A seed which will not sprout but burst into flame," clearly alluding to Ciri. Consequently, many Witcher fans had assumed a connection between the two prophecies, a notion seemingly confirmed by Hissrich herself in previous interviews.

However, in a recent interview, Hissrich clarified that Elie is not connected to Ciri. Addressing the prophecy, Hissrich stated, "The prophecy is not as straightforward as many assume. It may initially suggest a link between Ciri and Éile, but that is not the case. So let's dispel that rumor right now. There are hidden elements in the prophecy that we have yet to explore, and there are other intriguing developments in store."

Some viewers perceive this clarification as a retcon or reversal made in response to the underwhelming performance and reception of The Witcher: Blood Origin. In recent months, there have been noticeable shifts in the plans for The Witcher franchise. Netflix's attempts to expand the franchise have largely fallen flat, and the departure of lead actor Henry Cavill has added to the uncertainty. The marketing campaign for The Witcher even appears to suggest that Cavill's departure marks a significant turning point for the franchise, with reminders that he will remain on the show for a few more weeks.

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