This Dragon Ball Gender Reveal Is Fit For a Saiyan


Dragon Ball has been a beloved franchise for decades, and during that time, its earliest fans have grown up and started families of their own. The kids who eagerly watched Dragon Ball Z after school are now adults themselves. Yet, their passion for Dragon Ball continues to burn brightly, as evidenced by a recent viral post featuring a fan who incorporated the anime into their gender reveal party.

This TikTok post, shared by dulce.mogollan, has garnered over a million views and counting. The delightful video showcases the fan's Dragon Ball-themed gender reveal party, which took place this summer. Every detail of the event was infused with the spirit of Dragon Ball, but the true highlight was undoubtedly the Shenron centerpiece.

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Indeed, the custom-made Shenron head at the gender reveal party is quite remarkable. From a distance, it resembles a piñata, but instead of holding candy, it is filled with smoke signals. The TikTok video captures the joyful moment when the happy couple pulls a string attached to Shenron, causing the pink smoke to billow out. It's a heartwarming indication that this adorable couple will be welcoming a baby girl into their family.

If you visit dulce.mogollan's TikTok page, you'll find additional videos showcasing the Dragon Ball-themed party, offering close-ups of the intricately crafted Shenron. The DIY project is truly impressive, with handmade dragon balls and various Dragon Ball symbols adorning the decorations.

Undeniably, this Dragon Ball-inspired party is a dream come true for any anime fan and a wonderfully unique idea for a gender reveal celebration. TikTok users have been embracing this Dragon Ball tribute, extending their well wishes to the family as they prepare to welcome their daughter. Dragon Ball, with its portrayal of the challenges faced by Goku in raising his own children, reminds us of the joys and struggles of parenting. Nowadays, characters like Vegeta and Gohan have also experienced the delight of being girl dads, and it's evident from the anime that they adore their daughters, Bulla and Pan.

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