Threads Accounts Can't Be Deleted Without Deleting Your Instagram


Threads is facing criticism for its inability to deactivate the app without also deleting your Instagram account. For those unfamiliar, Threads is a newly introduced social media platform that serves as an extension of Instagram while also competing with Twitter. Its striking resemblance to Twitter is evident through features such as a retweet-esque repost option, a scrolling timeline with tweet-sized posts, and more. Within just a few days of its launch, Threads has attracted nearly 100 million users, largely due to the convenience of importing their existing information, followers, and followed accounts from Instagram. However, this close integration has resulted in certain complications.

Users have observed that deactivating their Threads account requires them to deactivate their Instagram account as well. Although this may seem peculiar, it is important to note that Threads necessitates an Instagram account for usage, and they are currently interconnected in a manner that does not allow for independent deactivation. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has acknowledged the existence of some workarounds that essentially render the Threads account dormant without deleting the entire Instagram account. However, efforts are underway to address this issue and enable users to delete one account without erasing the other.

Mosseri addressed the concerns regarding account deletion, stating, "I've received inquiries about deleting your account. Just to clarify, you have the option to deactivate your Threads account, which conceals your Threads profile and content. Additionally, you can set your profile to private and delete individual Threads posts, all without deleting your Instagram account. Currently, Threads operates under the Instagram umbrella, so it functions as a single account. Nevertheless, we are actively exploring ways to allow users to delete their Threads account independently."

While the current situation may not be ideal, it's worth noting that Threads is still in its early stages and may have been expedited to leverage the frustration among Twitter users. As a result, it lacks some essential features such as the ability to use hashtags and direct messaging (DMs). However, it appears that these shortcomings will be addressed in the upcoming weeks and months, bringing about necessary improvements.

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