TikTok Partners with New Post-Purchase Survey Providers to Enhance Strategic Decision-making

TikTok Forges Strategic Alliances with KnoCommerce and Fairing for Enhanced Customer Acquisition Insights

TikTok is set to revolutionize its approach to customer acquisition data by teaming up with post-purchase survey providers, KnoCommerce and Fairing. These partnerships will empower ad partners with valuable information to understand customer journeys better.

By leveraging the capabilities of KnoCommerce and Fairing, brands on TikTok will gain access to an array of tools and resources aimed at obtaining direct input from TikTok users. Through in-app surveys, brands will be able to gather crucial feedback from previous customers, enabling them to gain insights into the effectiveness of their promotional and customer experience efforts. This data will play a pivotal role in informing strategic decisions, optimizing advertising campaigns, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience on TikTok.

According to an official statement from TikTok: “Traditional attribution models have always struggled with an inherent flaw: they often fail to capture the full consumer journey, generally focusing on the last touchpoint before a purchase is made. To provide a more complete view of where customers are coming from, TikTok has partnered with top post-purchase survey providers KnoCommerce and Fairing to empower marketers with an additional layer of data to level up their online advertising strategy.”

Both providers have established robust processes and systems to optimize consumer response, enabling you to extract more valuable insights from your TikTok campaigns.

Moreover, the data collected by both providers can seamlessly integrate into most CRM systems. This integration streamlines your data collection and analytics process, allowing you to plug these insights directly into your system.

“Insights from surveys can complement your UTM data and enhance your multi-touch attribution (MTA) and media mix models (MMM) to create a clear picture of your customers’ journeys, so that you can make informed decisions about ad spend and marketing strategy. By asking customers directly ‘Where did you first hear about us?’, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of what influenced their decision. This way, you don’t just rely on click data, but you use actual user responses to understand your customers’ journey better.”

This update proves to be highly beneficial in improving your data collection process, providing more specific information about TikTok-specific performance and gaining valuable insights into what TikTok users seek from your promotions.

To further incentivize brands to participate, TikTok is offering a limited-time ad credit for those that sign up to the post-purchase survey program before the year's end.

Given the evolving landscape of data insight and the constantly changing data collection laws, obtaining more precise information on consumer response holds increasing value. Leveraging the expertise of these providers allows you to gather more actionable and valuable information from your marketing efforts.

It is certainly worth considering incorporating these changes into your strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your TikTok campaigns and better understand your target audience.

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