Valorant Seemingly Leaked for Consoles

It appears that Valorant might finally be making its way to consoles. Valorant has been a highly popular PC game for several years, offering a satisfying blend of competitive FPS gameplay reminiscent of Counter-Strike and the hero-based meta seen in games like Overwatch. Riot Games, the studio behind Valorant and other successful titles like League of Legends, has experienced significant success with the game. However, console players have been eagerly anticipating the chance to play Valorant on their preferred platform.

Recent developments suggest that console players may soon get their wish. Riot Games is currently hiring an "Associate Console Playtest Analyst – Valorant," indicating their intention to bring the game to consoles. The role involves playing, planning, and evaluating playtests specifically for consoles, as well as incorporating feedback and implementing necessary changes. While this could potentially refer to internal testing, a dataminer has leaked information suggesting that external playtests will be conducted on various consoles, excluding the Nintendo Switch. It's important to note that this leak should be taken with caution, as such details are often closely guarded or subject to change. Nevertheless, it seems that we are now closer than ever to seeing Valorant on consoles.


Hopefully, this will lead to Valorant becoming accessible to console players sooner rather than later. Since the core game is already complete for PC, it's likely that Riot is now focused on ensuring its smooth functionality on consoles. It remains unclear whether the console version will support mouse and keyboard input, as it would undoubtedly greatly enhance the gameplay experience, considering the game's origins on PC. 

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