Warrior Nun Season 3 Will Not Stream on Netflix

After a prolonged struggle to renew Warrior Nun for a third season, the creative team behind the hit series has achieved success, but the show will not be returning to its original streaming home.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it has been confirmed that Warrior Nun Season 3 will not debut on Netflix, the streaming service that initially brought the beloved series to life. As of now, the platform responsible for saving the show remains unknown, as showrunner Simon Barry has kept most of the details surrounding the situation vague. Expressing gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support, Barry has promised that the next installment in the Warrior Nun franchise will exceed expectations and be "even more epic."

Warrior Nun first premiered on Netflix in 2020, receiving generally positive reviews from both viewers and critics alike. Over the months following its release, it garnered a passionate fanbase, particularly praising its well-developed characters and inclusive LGBTQ+ representation. Despite its initial success, Season 2 faced challenges in maintaining the same level of popularity. After the second season's debut, Barry once again expressed gratitude to the fans for propelling the series to the third spot on Netflix's most-watched charts, noting that the show had no marketing budget. While the showrunner had hoped that this achievement would convince Netflix to greenlight a third season, those hopes were dashed as Season 2 concluded with a cliffhanger, and the streamer ultimately decided to cancel the show.

Warrior Nun's Fight for Season 3

The fanbase responded with a passionate outcry, launching a viral online campaign demanding the return of Warrior Nun. Supporters of the show criticized Netflix for its decision, expressing confusion over the cancellation despite its strong performance. Some even accused the streaming platform of harboring anti-LGBTQ sentiments. Throughout the movement, Barry, the showrunner, maintained an optimistic outlook on the possibility of Season 3. He hinted at plans being made to save the show, stating, "We ([production company Reality Distortion Field] and I) are exploring options and looking into whether there's a path to continue [Warrior Nun] elsewhere." Fans suggested AppleTV+ as a potential new home, but as of now, it remains unknown which streaming service stepped in to pick up the series.

As of now, Warrior Nun Season 3 does not have a confirmed release date.

Source: EW

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