Watch The Walking Dead: Dead City Premiere for Free Online

AMC is offering viewers a thrilling adventure into Dead City at no cost. The highly anticipated spin-off of The Walking Dead explores the journey of adversaries Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as they navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape of New York City. United by a common goal to save Maggie's son (Logan Kim), they must join forces and confront The Croat (Željko Ivanek), a former subordinate of Negan from his days as a Savior.

Following its premiere episode, titled "Old Acquaintances," on June 18th, The Walking Dead: Dead City broke records as the most-watched drama series debut of 2023 on cable and the most-watched series premiere on AMC's streaming service, AMC+. As a result, AMC has generously made the entire episode available for free viewing on YouTube.

Once you have enjoyed the full premiere of Dead City below, continue reading to discover how you can watch The Walking Dead: Dead City online without a cable subscription.

How to Watch The Walking Dead: Dead City Online

Episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City can be streamed exclusively on AMC+. This exciting spin-off of The Walking Dead comprises a six-episode first season, with early premieres for AMC+ subscribers every Thursday. To access the episodes online, you will need to sign in using your TV provider credentials on the AMC website.

Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase the episodes after they air on AMC, you can do so for $2.99 on popular digital retailers such as Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

What Time Does Dead City Come On?

New episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City are typically accessible for viewing on AMC+ after 12 a.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET on Thursdays. For those watching via cable on AMC, episodes are broadcast on Sundays at 9/8c.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Schedule and Episode Guide

Episode 101: "Old Acquaintances" — (June 15th on AMC+, June 18th on AMC)

Maggie encounters Negan and together they embark on a journey to Manhattan. Pursuing Negan is a determined marshal named Armstrong, who is hot on his trail. Along their way, they come across a reserved young girl named Ginny.

Episode 102: "Who's There?" — (June 22nd on AMC+, June 25th on AMC)

Maggie and Negan cross paths with native New Yorkers as they make their way through Manhattan. Armstrong grapples with a haunting past as he relentlessly pursues Negan. Meanwhile, Ginny struggles to find her footing and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances around her.

Episode 103: "People Are A Resource" — (June 29th on AMC+, July 2nd on AMC)

Maggie and Negan tap into their primal instincts as they devise a strategic plan. Armstrong faces a series of challenges that put his abilities to the test. Meanwhile, Ginny embarks on a bold and adventurous expedition.

Episode 104: "Everybody Wins A Prize" — (July 6th on AMC+, July 9th on AMC)

Maggie and Negan execute a calculated strike, but unforeseen circumstances disrupt their carefully laid out plan. Ginny and Armstrong unexpectedly cross paths with different individuals, leading to unexpected encounters for both.

Episode 105: "Stories We Tell Ourselves" — (July 13th on AMC+, July 16th on AMC)

As Maggie, Negan, and their companions delve deeper into the city's labyrinthine depths, hidden truths come to light and concealed motives are unveiled.

Episode 106: "Doma Smo" (Season Finale) — (July 20th on AMC+, July 23rd on AMC) 

As Maggie and Negan reach a boiling point, their escalating tensions threaten to explode. Meanwhile, Ginny's relentless search persists, driving her forward. Uncertainty surrounds Armstrong as doubts surface regarding his chosen path.

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