Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

It has been quite some time since Dragon Ball treated fans to new episodes, but fortunately, the series has kept enthusiasts engaged with several blockbuster films. Following the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Super TV series, fans were reintroduced to Goku in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Last year, Gohan took the spotlight as he brought Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to the world. If you happened to miss this second installment, fear not, as we're here to help you catch up.

Moreover, watching Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has become more convenient than ever. The movie is now available for streaming on Crunchyroll, putting an end to the long wait. Subscribers to Crunchyroll can now binge-watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in most regions. This marks the first streaming service to make the movie accessible through a subscription, eliminating the need for users to make a separate payment for the film.


Certainly, there are numerous platforms where you can find the digital edition of the film. Amazon Prime Video offers Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for a mere $3.59 USD, which is an absolute steal. Similarly, services like Vudu, YouTube, Apple TV, and Google Play have listed the movie at a similar price point. So, if you're looking to secure a digital copy of the film, this price shouldn't be hard to attain.

And, as always, physical editions of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are available. You can grab the Blu-ray version for less than $20 USD from retailers like Amazon in the United States. Additionally, there are plenty of secondhand sellers offering the film, but the thrill of hunting for the best deal lies with you.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie primarily centers around Gohan and his mentor, Piccolo. Together, they find themselves embroiled in a fierce battle against the Red Ribbon Army, which resurfaces with malevolent intent. When the army kidnaps Pan, our heroes are compelled to confront a formidable adversary unlike any they have faced before, encountering unexpected challenges along the way.

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