Who is Vengeful Dark Knight?

In this dark and twisted Multiverse tale, the bond between Thomas Elliot and Bruce Wayne was unbreakable, making them akin to brothers. Tragedy struck on that fateful night when Bruce's parents were killed in the alley, plunging him into madness and despair. Thomas witnessed the transformation of his best friend and, along with his family, took in the orphaned Bruce. This led to a different path for Bruce, as he did not have Alfred as a guiding influence in his life.

As they grew into adults, Thomas Elliot rose to become the powerful Senator of the Independent City-State of Gotham. He cunningly gained control over Wayne Enterprises and orchestrated a state-run society, where personal freedoms and liberties were crushed. The media and police force were under his thumb, and he wielded great influence over the city. The sinister Senator even had Bruce locked away in Arkham Asylum, where he was subjected to torment by the sinister Dr. Crane (Scarecrow).

However, Bruce Wayne had not been idle during his time in confinement. He honed his skills and embraced the legend of the Bat-Demon, using fear as a weapon against those who oppressed Gotham's citizens. The time spent in Arkham only fueled his determination to become Batman the Silenced, a vigilante focused on freeing the city from the clutches of dictators and corruption.

Having successfully wrestled control of Wayne Enterprises, Thomas Elliot believed he had rid himself of Bruce's threat forever by leaving him to rot in Arkham, where rumors of his death circulated. But to Elliot's surprise, Batman the Silenced emerged from the shadows, ready to exact revenge and reclaim his city. With his face concealed by rags and his mind tormented from the years of confinement, Batman the Silenced was an embodiment of darkness and determination.

As the power structure in Gotham teetered on the brink of transformation, Batman the Silenced made his presence known. Utilizing the harrowing lessons he learned in the halls of Arkham, he struck fear into the hearts of those who oppressed the people. With the Dark Knight's return, hope was rekindled among the downtrodden citizens, and Gotham's oppressors trembled in fear.

This Multiverse tale serves as a reminder that in various realities, Bruce Wayne's destiny leads him to don the mantle of Batman, even in the bleakest and darkest of worlds. His unyielding spirit and commitment to justice make him a symbol of hope and resistance against tyranny, no matter the circumstances he faces. Now, with Batman the Silenced back in action, Gotham City is about to witness a struggle for power and justice like never before.


  1. omg is se so col

  2. he look dangerous

  3. it is actually batmasilenced

  4. Batman is looking cool

  5. This batman is badass

  6. this batman look more like a Egyptian version of batman a Mummy


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