Why This Sports Version of Ouran High School Is An Underrated Gem

Aoharu x Machinegun may initially give off a resemblance to Ouran High School Host Club, but it quickly proves itself to be a thrilling and enjoyable watch, offering much more than a simple knockoff. While Ouran High School Host Club introduced the classic tomboy trope of a girl disguising herself as a boy, Aoharu x Machinegun takes a different approach and manages to depict a compelling tomboy character. Although it was released quietly in 2015, the series has a lot to offer and goes beyond its initial impression.

This underrated anime combines various themes such as sports, comedy, action, and even hints of romance, creating a unique shounen drama that will captivate its audience. With its intriguing sports-centric plot, Aoharu x Machinegun keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. Binge-watching this show is definitely worth your time, as it offers a refreshing and entertaining experience.

Accurate Representation of the Tomboy Persona:

While featuring tomboys in shojo anime is a common move, their portrayal is often clichéd, particularly in high-school romantic comedies. Many tomboys undergo a sudden transformation into a girly girl due to the influence of a boy who enters their lives. However, in the case of student council president Hotaru Tachibana, she defies these expectations. With her boyish haircut and preference for male uniforms, Tachibana remains completely indistinguishable as a girl. She not only dresses like a tomboy but possesses a vibrant and strong-willed personality, a feat previously achieved by characters like Tomo Aizawa and Anzu Hoshino.

Hotaru Tachibana is anything but girly, and it is only when another character explicitly points it out that viewers even realize she is female. Whenever she enters game mode, Hotaru becomes fierce and formidable, akin to a Super Saiyan. Throughout the series, Tachibana's character unfolds in layers, revealing her complex personality. This serves the show exceptionally well, as her portrayal encapsulates the essence of a true tomboy. Hotaru Tachibana expertly embodies the qualities that define an exceptional anime tomboy, making her one of the finest examples in the genre.

Story About An Unconventional Survival Game

Survival game narratives set in high school often tend to be either overly extreme or fall into the predictable climb-to-the-top trope. However, Aoharu x Machinegun takes a refreshingly hilarious approach as Tachibana finds herself unexpectedly recruited into a struggling airsoft team by none other than the attractive host club manager, Masamune Matsuoka. Their initial encounter occurs when Tachibana stands up against the mistreatment of a girl at the host club, leading to a face-off between Masamune and Hotaru in an airsoft game. Naturally, Tachibana loses the game and, due to property damage, is reluctantly compelled to join Masamune's failing Toy Gun Gun team.

Initially, joining the team feels burdensome for Tachibana. However, the intensity and passion with which the teams approach the game ignite something within her. As the series progresses, Tachibana's character becomes fueled by the adrenaline of competing against other players and eliminating them from the game. The characters' enthusiasm for the survival game becomes a major highlight of the show, and the action sequences, centered around airsoft battles, are undeniably enjoyable. While Aoharu x Machinegun may not reach the level of action seen in series like Blue Lock or Demon Slayer, it manages to meet expectations in that department. The series may have its flaws, but it offers everything a viewer who appreciates a compelling survival show with entertaining characters could desire.

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