WIT Studios Wants to Make More DC Anime


One of the exciting announcements at this year's Anime Expo was the collaboration between Wit Studio and DC Comics to develop a groundbreaking new anime series. Titled "Suicide Squad Isekai," the series delves into the captivating journey of Harley Quinn as she finds herself transported to a mystical realm. This marks the first anime series centered around DC's notorious team of government-employed villains. Wit Studio, at Anime Expo 2023, confirmed their intention to explore additional heroes and villains from the expansive DC Universe through potential future projects.

While this anime venture may be the first dedicated to Harley Quinn and the Joker, DC Comics has a rich history of intertwining with the realms of anime and manga. Previous anime projects like "Batman: Ninja" and "Batman: Gotham Knight" have breathed new life into the world of DC's Dark Knight. On the manga front, readers have been treated to immersive stories that merge the heroes and villains of DC Comics with the medium of manga. Titles such as "Joker: One Operation Joker," "Batman: Justice Buster," and "Superman vs. Meshi" stand as prominent examples of these crossovers, seamlessly blending the worlds of North American comic books and manga.

Wit x DC – A Bright Future?

Wit Studio and DC Comics have not yet disclosed the release date for Suicide Squad Isekai. Simultaneously with the announcement, a brand new trailer showcasing the animation style employed by Wit Studio was unveiled at this year's Anime Expo. During the convention, Wit President George Wada expressed his anticipation for viewers to engage with the forthcoming DC anime series, as it paves the way for the potential development of more series centered around the captivating superheroes and villains from the DC universe.

Wit Studio has consistently delivered some of the most influential and popular anime series in recent years. Renowned for their exceptional work on the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, Wit has also brought us captivating titles such as Ranking of Kings and Spy x Family. It's difficult to imagine a more fitting production studio to collaborate on a new DC anime series.

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