WWE Fans Seemed to Love NXT Underground Debut and Gable Steveson's Suplex Spotlight

WWE NXT introduced a groundbreaking concept during tonight's episode with its first Underground match, and the immediate reactions have been pouring in. The NXT Underground match features an innovative set of rules, including the elimination of count outs and pinfalls, with victory achievable solely through knockout, TKO, or submission. To further shake things up, the match does away with the traditional ropes and introduces additional wrestlers surrounding the ring, resulting in unexpected interactions throughout. The highly anticipated clash between Thorpe and Kemp delivered an exceptional performance, and the altered dynamics brought about by the modified rules added a fresh and exciting appeal to the match. While Thorpe ultimately emerged as the victor, Kemp showcased his prowess with an impressive display. As an exhilarating finale, Gable Steveson unleashed a barrage of massive suplexes, leaving the fans in awe. The electrifying response from viewers has sparked a call for NXT to incorporate these matches into future events. For more reactions, please refer to the following slide.

In the opening moments, Thorpe initiated the action with a powerful kick, swiftly followed by Kemp taking him down and unleashing a series of strikes on his grounded opponent. Demonstrating resilience, Thorpe regained his footing using a well-placed kick, only to find Kemp reclaiming control by executing another takedown and delivering a flurry of strikes. Kemp then executed an impressive spin, forcefully taking Thorpe down, and briefly locked him in a submission hold, but Thorpe managed to escape.

Kemp landed a knee strike to Thorpe's abdomen, followed by a relentless series of forearm strikes targeting the back of Thorpe's head. Despite momentarily gaining control, Thorpe found himself once again at the mercy of Kemp's dominance. The action spilled to the ringside area as Thorpe and Kemp tumbled outside the ring, with Kemp landing a succession of punches. However, Thorpe retaliated with a powerful punch to Kemp's face, causing him to crash to the floor. Thinking quickly, Kemp capitalized on the presence of a nearby bystander from the surrounding crowd, utilizing them as a shield before launching an attack on Thorpe. This unexpected maneuver resulted in Thorpe being hurled forcefully into the barricade.

Kemp decided to engage in some verbal sparring and taunting directed at Steveson, but his taunts backfired as he found himself caught in an armbar over the barricade. Managing to escape, Kemp swiftly retaliated by hoisting Thorpe up and forcefully slamming him into the ring apron. Seizing the momentum, Kemp unleashed a colossal suplex on Thorpe upon their return to the ring. Although Thorpe managed to land a punch to Kemp's stomach, Kemp quickly retaliated by slamming Thorpe down once again, attempting to secure the submission hold. Thorpe skillfully countered the move, breaking free by throwing Kemp off. Seizing the opportunity, Thorpe unleashed a series of impactful kicks before executing a devastating German Suplex, sending Kemp soaring through the air.

Both competitors managed to regain their footing, but Thorpe swiftly followed up with another suplex on Kemp. In a display of resilience, Kemp retaliated by delivering a punch to Thorpe's face, leading both superstars to find themselves sprawled on the mat. Undeterred, they rose to their feet, only for Thorpe to deliver a decisive kick to Kemp's head. Thorpe then attempted to lift Kemp, but Kemp countered with a suplex, launching Thorpe off the ring and causing him to land painfully on his back on the outside floor. Capitalizing on the opening, Thorpe deftly evaded another charge from Kemp, who collided with the ring post. Thorpe continued his offensive onslaught by executing another suplex on Kemp, who began to gesture towards his left shoulder and arm, indicating possible discomfort or injury.

Thorpe continuously targeted Kemp, repeatedly grabbing hold of him. In a strategic move, Thorpe managed to secure a triangle submission on Kemp's arm. Despite Kemp's efforts to rise to his feet, he was swiftly knocked down once again. Recognizing Kemp's state of incapacitation, the referee made the decision to halt the match, declaring Thorpe the victor. Following the conclusion of the match, some individuals near the ring engaged in verbal exchanges with Steveson, taking jabs at his Olympic Gold accomplishment. In response, Steveson unleashed his power by executing a resounding suplex, launching his opponent across the ring. As more people entered the ring, Steveson unleashed a flurry of suplexes, delivering a total of four impactful suplexes to bring the segment to an exhilarating close.

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