WWE's Zelina Vega Homages Dark Frieza at Money in the Bank

At WWE's latest premium live event, Money in the Bank, Zelina Vega, a devoted anime fan, paid homage to Dragon Ball Z's iconic character, Frieza, with her ring attire.

During her entrance, Vega stunned the audience by donning a unique ensemble inspired by the formidable antagonist from the "Frieza Saga." Her attire featured a striking combination of black, purple, and silver, mirroring the color palette of the notorious villain during his immensely powerful transformation. Fans eagerly captured glimpses of her remarkable costume, and Vega later shared an up-close look on her Instagram account, further delighting her followers.

Zelina Vega's Attention to Detail

Zelina Vega's attire at the WWE Money in the Bank event paid remarkable tribute to Dragon Ball Z's Black Frieza. The costume cleverly incorporated a combination of a bra and trunks, accentuated with matching arm and leg covers, expertly mimicking the appearance of the iconic villain. Not stopping there, Vega's attention to detail extended to her sneakers, which were thoughtfully designed as a nod to the character.

To further showcase her allegiance to the Latino World Order stable led by legendary Luchador Rey Mysterio, Vega's trunks were emblazoned with the letters "LWO." This subtle touch added a personalized touch to her remarkable attire.

Vega was not the sole wrestler drawing inspiration from Dragon Ball that night. Ronda Rousey, known as the "Baddest Woman on the Planet," also embraced anime fashion with her costume. Rousey's outfit paid homage to Majin Vegeta, featuring an unmistakable "M" printed on her forehead and a matching attire. However, both Vega and Rousey experienced defeat in their respective matches.

Although Vega didn't emerge victorious in the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match, she left a lasting impression on fans with a daring moment. She executed a Code Red on Zoey Stark, sending her crashing onto a ladder. Vega made sure to share this intense highlight with her followers, posting a video of the impactful maneuver on her social media accounts.

About Zelina Vega

Thea Trinidad Budgen, known as Zelina Vega in the WWE, has consistently showcased her love for anime and video games through her unique ring attire. Her passion has led to the creation of various standout outfits, including a captivating dress inspired by Demon Slayer's Daki and an ensemble paying homage to Street Fighter's Vega. However, one of her cosplay moments stirred controversy when she donned an Itachi Uchiha costume from Naruto. Originally planned for a 9/11 memorial show to honor her father, who tragically lost his life in the attacks, Vega's outfit did not receive the on-air recognition it deserved due to time constraints. Many fans voiced their disappointment, leading WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to personally apologize to Vega for the oversight.

The Money in the Bank event held several surprises for fans, including an unexpected appearance by WWE legend John Cena. Additionally, the event featured a highly anticipated tag-team match referred to as the "Bloodline Civil War," showcasing the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his formidable opponents.

Fans eager to catch the thrilling Money in the Bank action can do so through the WWE Network. As for Akira Toriyama's renowned Dragon Ball manga, enthusiasts can enjoy it by subscribing to Shonen Jump on the Viz Media website.

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