X Announces Expansion of Creator Ad Revenue Share Program to All Eligible Users

X has exciting news for all creators worldwide as they have officially launched their creator ad revenue share program. This program allows eligible users who receive high engagement in the app to monetize their X posts through the ads displayed in the replies.

Already, X's creator revenue program has proven successful with significant early payouts, generating widespread interest. Now, all eligible users have the opportunity to sign up for the program, provided they meet the specific requirements for X monetization.

It's worth noting that the qualifications for X's ad revenue share program set a high bar for entry. To participate, users must be subscribed to Blue or Verified Organizations, have accumulated at least 15 million impressions on their posts within the last 3 months, and have a minimum of 500 followers.

The X team recently made significant updates to their payment program for creators. Previously, creators needed at least 5 million post impressions per month for three consecutive months to qualify for payment. The new update allows users who generally have high engagement but experience a down month to still be eligible for payment.

Additionally, the term 'tweet' has been removed from the platform as part of X's effort to move away from bird references and ultimately shift away from Twitter.

To participate in the program, creators need a Stripe account since X currently only offers payments via Stripe. They must also accumulate at least $50 in ad revenue share before receiving a payout.

While the opportunity to get paid for posting in the app is now available, achieving 15 million impressions over three months is quite challenging. To reach such engagement levels, creators will likely need to post frequently, which could lead to an increase in provocative content or cheap response posts.

Research indicates that sharing content that triggers high-arousal emotions, such as anger and happiness, is the most effective way to prompt replies to web posts. As a result, divisive hot takes on topics like free speech, COVID vaccines, Tesla, and political debates may drive more response, especially from verified users.

These changes indicate X's effort to encourage more activity on specific issues while gradually distancing itself from Twitter's model.

It appears that aligning the app with Elon Musk's preferences is crucial, as he has expressed a strong liking for the 'PvP' (player vs. player) nature of tweets. Therefore, incentivizing such interactions might make perfect sense. However, there remains uncertainty regarding whether the majority of users actually want to see more arguments dominating their tweet streams.

It's essential to consider that this approach could also encourage engagement bait, where content is designed to provoke reactions solely for the purpose of boosting interactions.


With the introduction of the new program allowing users to earn money from their posts, there may be an increase in content that prompts replies. While it's uncertain if this will enhance the X experience, it does offer an additional opportunity for users to monetize their content. However, there might be concerns about the impact on the ad revenue share pool, especially with a limited number of advertisers in the app. Early payout amounts could decrease, and only a small number of creators may earn substantial money from the program. Despite this, any earnings are still a positive development, giving all creators a chance to be paid for their X content. Elon Musk plans to expand the program to include ad exposure on user profiles, potentially doubling payouts, though the feasibility remains to be seen. As the program grows, it might become a more viable option for creators, provided X establishes a fair revenue sharing system and attracts more advertisers to the platform, contributing to Elon's vision of an 'everything app.' The evolution of payouts over time and X's ability to sustain this revenue stream will be key factors to watch.

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