X Surpasses All-Time High in Monthly Active Usage, Facing Escalating Competition from Threads

X/Twitter has potentially achieved a new peak in user numbers, with owner Elon Musk sharing a chart showcasing the app's monthly users. Though lacking specific details due to the omission of the X-axis (ironic), Elon asserts that X is thriving despite increased competition and reports of users leaving the platform. As Musk continues to mold the platform, formerly known as Twitter, into his vision of an 'everything app,' the rebranding process is underway, progressively removing all 'Twitter' and bird references. Notably, the X icon is now visible for some mobile users, marking a significant milestone in the app's transformation and its alignment with Elon's new concept.

X's arrival seems inevitable, and despite reports suggesting a decline in app interest, Musk's data contradicts this, showing more people are actually logging in to check updates.

Elon has developed a clear pattern in responding to negative news cycles about the app. For instance, after taking over Twitter and cutting 80% of the staff, analysts questioned the impact on usage. Musk countered by claiming that user numbers increased significantly worldwide since the deal was announced.

However, his warning to then-Twitter staff about the company sliding into bankruptcy led to another wave of negative reports about the app.

Elon Musk's reaction:

New user sign-ups for X have reached an all-time high, contributing to a series of positive usage indicators shared by Elon and his team.

This pattern repeated once more earlier this month with the introduction of Meta's Twitter clone app, Threads. During the initial hype, with 100 million people signing up within days of the launch, Musk made the following statement:

In the midst of a sudden re-brand, X is seeing increased engagement, especially with the addition of a 'Following' feed in Threads. Elon Musk is now sharing new record-high usage figures, seemingly to reassure advertisers that the app is thriving despite potential challenges.

However, there are concerns about the accuracy of the data from X HQ. In the past, Musk's legal team argued that Twitter's value was lower than a $44 billion offer due to a high number of bot profiles inflating its active user figures. He claimed up to 33% of then-active Twitter profiles were fakes, but it was eventually settled at 20%.

Since Musk took over at X, he appears to have overlooked these findings. He reports that the app now has 252 million mDAU after removing bots and combating spam, with an additional 15 million new daily active users. This implies a remarkable growth rate, considering Twitter's historical struggle to build its audience.

Despite these claims, many remain skeptical, considering Musk's history of misleading campaigns and overpromises, such as those related to Tesla and his Hyperloop project. Such doubts make it challenging to fully trust the data posted from his X account, and they may influence how users perceive and use the app.

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