Xbox Horror Game Scorn Is Coming to PS5


Upon its release last year, Scorn by Ebb Software received a mixed reception, primarily due to its underwhelming combat mechanics. However, the game excelled in its captivating visual aesthetic and unsettling atmosphere, successfully capturing the H.R. Giger-inspired vibe that the developer aimed for. Initially exclusive to the Xbox brand, it was known that Scorn would eventually make its way to the PlayStation 5. Sony has now confirmed that Scorn will be launching on the PS5 later this year, showcasing how Ebb Software utilizes the DualSense controller to enhance immersion within their macabre world.

While an official release date for Scorn on the PS5 has not been announced by Sony yet, they have maintained the timeline of "later this year." In a PlayStation Blog post accompanying the announcement, Ebb Software's technical artist, Jovan Vučković, extensively discussed the integration of DualSense features in Scorn. As the game relies on environmental storytelling rather than spoken dialogue, the haptic feedback provided by the DualSense controller can intensify the sense of unease while exploring Scorn's otherworldly landscapes, further immersing players in the foreboding atmosphere.

In a recent interview, Vučković discussed how the enhanced rumble haptics in the DualSense controller allowed the team to better simulate the repulsive and unsettling world of Scorn. Although it's not a one-to-one representation, the ability to feel distinct types of rumble adds an intensified dimension to the experience. Additionally, Ebb Software has leveraged the adaptive triggers to provide each weapon with a unique feel, offering a creative application that goes beyond a simple "jamming" mechanic seen in other games like Deathloop. Another noteworthy implementation is mapping the player's health bar to the color-changing light bar on the DualSense, enabling players to opt for a HUD-free experience while still receiving crucial information.

In addition to the intriguing details, Ebb Software has unveiled plans for a physical Deluxe Edition of Scorn on PS5. This edition will include a steelbook case, digital artbook, original soundtrack, and a copy of the game. However, specific details regarding its release date and pricing remain undisclosed. As the release window of "later this year" approaches, we can anticipate further updates on the availability and cost of the Deluxe Edition in the coming months.

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