Xbox Live Gold Free Games for July 2023 Revealed

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, the latter of which includes the former, have an exciting lineup of two new free games to enjoy throughout the month of July as part of the Games With Gold program. These games are playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. While they may not be AAA titles or the latest releases for Xbox Series X|S, they offer engaging experiences in their own right. It's worth noting that both games are originally from the Xbox One era but are fully compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S through backward compatibility.

Among the two games featured this month, one standout title is Darkwood developed by Acid Wizard Studio. Although it may not have garnered widespread recognition, this horror game quietly achieved significant success in 2017 and is regarded as one of the finest horror experiences of that year. On the other hand, When the Past Was Around, released in 2020, may not be as well-known as the other offering this month. Nevertheless, this gem from Mojiken and Toge Productions has earned high praise from those who have had the pleasure of playing it. Both games have their own unique appeal and are sure to captivate players.

"Roam the desolate landscape by day, and endure the terror-filled night. Darkwood offers a unique survival horror experience, crafting tension through its atmospheric and slow-burning gameplay, free from reliance on jump scares," explains an official blurb about Darkwood by Xbox. "While the sun illuminates the eerie open world, embark on scavenging missions to gather vital weapons and resources. As night falls, you must fortify your surroundings with makeshift traps and barriers, desperately hoping to hide or confront the grotesque creatures that emerge from the darkness. It's a daunting challenge to keep your body and mind intact until dawn breaks. Best of luck in surviving the harrowing night."

"Embark on a poignant and melancholic journey as you unravel the tale of Eda and Owl," describes an official pitch of When the Past Was Around, courtesy of Xbox. "Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing point-and-click adventure, featuring exquisite hand-drawn artwork and an enchanting soundtrack that will resonate within you long after the game ends. Delve into a tranquil and introspective experience, as you navigate through a surreal world comprised of fragmented rooms from memories and different epochs, exploring themes of love and grief. Prepare to be captivated by this soul-stirring exploration of the human heart."

As per Xbox, these two games offer an approximate combined value of $23.50, based on their full prices. However, it's important to note that Darkwood will be available for download from July 1 to July 31, while When the Past Was Around can be accessed between July 15 and August 15. Once you download these games within their respective timeframes, they become a permanent part of your collection, ensuring they remain accessible for future play. Be sure to take advantage of the limited-time availability and secure your copies before the designated windows close.

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