10 Anime Characters Whose Lives Went to Waste (2023)

Whether pursuing unrequited love or becoming engrossed in virtual worlds, these anime characters failed to seize the opportunities presented by life.

Numerous anime protagonists dedicate themselves to worthy causes that shape their legacies. Whether as heroes or antagonists, their actions leave an indelible mark on their world, underlining the meaningfulness of their existence.

However, there exists another category of individuals who tragically squander their potential. Through ill-fated choices or inaction, these characters forego making a meaningful impact. Their fleeting or frivolous pursuits render their lives insignificant in the grand scheme. Ultimately, their lack of purpose renders them inconsequential, regardless of alliances or allegiances.

10. Misa

Death Note


Within the realm of Death Note, Misa Amane emerges as one of the most poignant figures, marked by tragic circumstances. Her profound infatuation with Kira rendered her notably susceptible to manipulation. This vulnerability positioned Light to orchestrate her involvement in acts of death, placing her own existence in jeopardy while he remained sheltered.

Of Light's many calculated ploys, none more blatantly exploited Misa's devotion than his command for her to relinquish her lifespan for shinigami eyes. This sacrifice, though affording Light the means to identify and eliminate adversaries, exacted a dire toll on Misa.

Regrettably, Misa's legacy is overshadowed by her association with Kira, and she remains ensnared within a cycle of isolation and remorse. Her fate, never culminating in capture, leaves her traversing her remaining years burdened by solitude and a plethora of unfulfilled aspirations.

9. Milluki

Hunter X Hunter


In the context of the Zoldyck family in Hunter x Hunter, Milluki proved to be an unexpected underachiever. Distinct from his accomplished siblings, he displayed minimal interest in honing his physical prowess, choosing instead to dedicate his time almost exclusively to computer pursuits.

It's worth acknowledging that Milluki's technological aptitude did contribute a distinct and valuable aspect to the Zoldyck estate. However, his role in the overarching storyline was notably limited, primarily revolving around identifying strategies for locating Greed Island. Notably, Milluki openly acknowledged that he had confined himself within the house for an extended period, further underscoring his reclusive lifestyle.

8. Marcel

Attack On Titan


Marcel held the position of the Jaw Shifter in Attack on Titan's narrative. Overwhelmed by remorse for manipulating Reiner's candidacy, he made the ultimate sacrifice to shield him from Ymir's grasp. Marcel's life, however, was marked by various factors that seem to have been unfulfilled.

Had Porco been chosen as his successor, Marcel's family could have reaped the advantages granted by the Warrior role. Moreover, Reiner's combat ineptitude and subsequent suicidal tendencies painted a portrait of incompetence. With Marcel's leadership, Marleyans might have been better poised to confront the challenges on Paradis Island, potentially resulting in fewer casualties and a more strategic approach.

7. Ace

One Piece


The Marineford battle stands as the pivotal arc in One Piece thus far, holding immense narrative significance. While Whitebeard's demise marked a somber turning point, a glimmer of hope seemed to hint at the escape of his progeny. Amidst the pirates' retreat, Akainu's defamatory rhetoric aimed at Whitebeard fueled Ace's resolve to confront him.

The admiral's overwhelming might and the marines' strategic advantage ultimately tipped the scales in their favor, yielding a conclusion that favored the marine forces. Tragically, Ace's hubris proved his undoing, leading to a fatal showdown and rendering the entire rescue endeavor futile. Subsequently, the Whitebeard pirates disbanded, leaving a void in their wake.

6. Dabi

My Hero Academia


In My Hero Academia, Dabi once held the promise of being Endeavor's worthy successor. Despite enduring self-destructive measures to appease his father, Todoroki's emergence signaled the conclusion of their training partnership. Subsequently, Dabi was abandoned and relegated to the sidelines.

Rather than harnessing his considerable talents, Dabi veered down a different path—simulating his demise and aligning with the League of Villains. This decision marked the onset of a life squandered on orchestrating Endeavor's downfall, whether through assaults on his family or public character defamation. Despite the intensity of his endeavors, Dabi's actions ultimately proved transitory, failing to yield lasting consequences.

5. Kenzou

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Kenzou once held the role of a cult leader. Following his capture in his mid-thirties, he faced decades of imprisonment for the heinous acts he perpetrated upon his devotees.

Confined to his prison walls, Kenzou became an observer of the passage of time, with life unfolding beyond his reach. In an attempt to grasp onto a fragment of his youth, he turned to yoga, though his aging body hindered him significantly during the confrontation against Jolyne Kujo. Kenzou's reliance on his Stand's power to predict probabilities became a pivotal strategy, yet even this formidable ability fell short in securing an advantage in the battle.

4. Sasuke



Throughout Naruto, Sasuke was singularly fixated on avenging the Uchiha clan by eliminating Itachi Uchiha. Driven by the belief that Itachi was responsible for their massacre, Sasuke's quest for revenge led him to forsake his connections and align himself against former allies. However, the truth behind the tragedy was unveiled only after Itachi's demise.

This revelation starkly illuminated the squandered years of Sasuke's formative life spent doggedly pursuing a misguided vendetta. The realization that his childhood had been consumed by the wrong target brought a profound sense of futility. Although Sasuke ultimately corrected his course by eliminating Danzo, the gravity of his previous actions against comrades remained. This shift in perspective left Sasuke grappling with the realization that, regardless of subsequent actions, redemption seemed elusive and unattainable.

3. Inca

Fire Force


In Fire Force, Inca previously held the role of a proficient burglar. Her remarkable ability to perceive danger rendered her a valuable asset in the world of crime. For Inca, the allure of thrills eclipsed the allure of material wealth, shaping her choices of target locations.

Inca's significance as a Pillar sparked a fierce rivalry for her allegiance between Company Eight and the White-Clad. Tempted by the higher stakes and perilous allure presented by the latter, Inca made a fateful decision, sacrificing her own potential to support a cause that sought the world's destruction. Ultimately, her pursuits boiled down to chasing transient rushes of adrenaline, forsaking any greater purpose.

2. Escanor

Seven Deadly Sins


Within the realm of Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor once reigned as the mightiest figure. Despite relinquishing his "Sunshine" ability, his fellow heroes showcased their competence in triumphing over the Demon King without his intervention. Nonetheless, Escanor's lingering sense of ineffectiveness spurred him to reclaim "Sunshine" for a final, desperate act.

Employing the power with reckless abandon, Escanor harnessed his ultimate form even outside the zenith of noon. This audacious maneuver proved to be his final endeavor, as he met his end driven by an unyielding sense of pride. Yet, in the grand scheme, Escanor's sacrifice, while fervently driven, failed to deliver a substantial deterrent against the Demon King's relentless pursuits.

1. Alphonse

Fullmetal Alchemist


The inception of Fullmetal Alchemist marked a turning point that effectively marked the "end" of Alphonse Elric's original existence. His initial life was squandered in the misguided pursuit of resurrecting his mother through an ill-conceived and perilous alchemical ritual. Lacking a comprehensive understanding of the art, the endeavor exacted a grievous toll—claiming his physical form while yielding no fruitful outcome.

Fortunately, Edward devised a means to affix Alphonse's essence to a suit of armor, preserving his presence in a metaphysical sense. This unconventional rebirth defied the norm and posed an ongoing threat, as Alphonse perpetually grappled with the potential consequences if the binding seal within his armor were to be compromised.


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